Witch’s brooms with cheese recipe for Halloween

If you want to be the perfect host and organize an unforgettable Halloween party , paying attention to the costume and the home decoration is essential, but preparing a scary menu is a must! This is probably the key to differentiate yourself from the rest, since most choose to always prepare the same recipes for Halloween: sandwich in the shape of a tombstone, fingers with sausages and the traditional pumpkin. Do you want to stand out above all? Then keep reading!

At Guruwalik we propose ideas for Halloween that are innovative and simple at the same time, perfect for both adults and children. Such is the case of the witch’s brooms that we show you here, an aperitif that will allow us to honor one of the main characters of this holiday. Stay with us and discover how to make cheesy witch brooms for Halloween .

Witch's brooms with cheese recipe for Halloween
Witch’s brooms with cheese recipe for Halloween

Ingredients to make cheesy witch brooms for Halloween:

  • 10 bread sticks
  • 10 slices of Cheese
  • 10 strips of chives

How to Make Cheesy Witch Brooms for Halloween:

Step NO 1

In order to prepare the witch’s brooms with cheese we will need to get breadsticks, breadsticks or breadsticks. It does not matter if the sticks are made of whole wheat, seeds or classic, what is relevant for the preparation of this recipe for Halloween is that they are thin and medium long. And if you don’t get anything, you can always prepare your own homemade grissinis following our recipe.

Step NO 2

Then, we will choose the sliced ​​cheese that we like the most, since it is not necessary to choose a specific type either. Once selected, we take a slice of cheese, place it on the work table and make vertical , parallel cuts to form a kind of fringes. For this, it is very important that we leave the upper part uncut.

Step NO 3

Once the fringes have been cut in the cheese slice, we take one of the bread sticks, place one of the tips at one end of the slice and start to roll the bread into the cheese .

Witch's brooms with cheese recipe for Halloween
Witch’s brooms with cheese recipe for Halloween

Step NO 4

To fix the witch’s broom with cheese, we take a strip of chives, roll it just above the fringes and tie a knot so that it does not unravel.

Step NO 5

Ready! We can now serve our witch’s brooms with cheese for Halloween as an appetizer and surprise all our guests with scary recipes like this one. And to accompany it, we advise you to make a barbecue sauce and, if you want, slices of toasted wholemeal bread in the shape of a bat.

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