When is Grandparents Day 2021? Discover its origin and how it is celebrated

Within a family, grandparents are one of the most important figures there is because we can learn many things from them, regardless of whether you are a son or a grandson, fascinating things are always discovered about them. For that reason and for all the respect that grandparents are had, they are worthy of having a day to celebrate that they exist. Here we tell you what it is, its origin and how grandparents’ day is celebrated .

What is Grandparents’ Day?

One of the days indicated in all calendars is Grandfather’s Day , although it is not a holiday, it is the perfect day to honor and celebrate the important figure of grandparents. Those people who always smile and are there to help as much as possible, each day are more important in the lives of all of us, that’s why they have their day.

Grandparents Day
Grandparents Day

When is Grandparents Day 2021?

As every year , Grandparents’ Day is celebrated on July 26 , and this 2021 falls on the perfect Monday to be able to meet the whole family and celebrate such a special day.

What is the origin of grandfather’s day?

Although it may surprise you, Grandfather’s Day is not celebrated in all countries of the world, but in Spain it is. This is due to the NGO Messengers of Peace, which in 1998 began with its celebration . The Father Angel and Messengers of Peace Foundation , began promoting the celebration of the Day Grandfather each July 26 , a date that was chosen at random, but it has a religious sense.

Date of Grandparents Day

Reason why Grandparents’ Day is celebrated on July 26 is the coincidence of celebrating the festivities of Santa Ana and San Joaquín, grandparents of Jesús de Nazaret . If we base ourselves on the Catholic tradition, we see that San Joaquin is the father of the Virgin Mary and husband of Santa Ana, so that he is the grandfather of Jesus.

Grandparents Day 2021
Date of Grandparents Day

What is known about San Joaquin? The truth is that not much, but he was from Nazareth and that Estha and Marat were his parents. Of Santa Ana, or as she is known in Hebrew, Hannah, according to the apocryphal Gospels (they are the Gospels that are not admitted by the Catholic Church) not much is known about her life, except that she was from Bethlehem, a descendant of King David and of Levi and that his parents were Emerenciana and Matán.

International Day of the elderly

Grandparents’ Day is joined at the international level by the UN on the International Day of the Elderly , a day dedicated to the elderly. The main difference is the date, according to the UN it is celebrated on October 1 and every year there is a reason to raise awareness in society about the figure of the elderly and, in addition, to encourage the governments of the world to introduce principles in their programs to help to the elderly.

Importance of Grandparents Day

Grandparents’ Day is not a holiday marked on the calendar, but it is a day to reflect on the figure and importance of grandparents in our lives. They are usually the most revered generation and after the crisis they have become an essential part of all families, since many parents cannot take care of their children.

Grandparents taking care of grandchildren is not a new figure, but after the crisis the cases of grandparents taking care of grandchildren have increased, helping to feed and support the family. That is, they have helped their children and now it is their turn to help the grandchildren.

How to celebrate Grandparents Day?

There is no best way or a specific celebration for Grandparents’ Day, what you have to do is thank and celebrate every day that we have grandparents, those elderly people who never fail and from whom you can always learn things. On July 26 what we have to do is remember how important they are in our lives and dedicate time to them.

Therefore, a good way to celebrate it is to have a family meal, spend a day with all the loved ones together, visit a special place for them … But the really important thing is to spend time with them. We can all make July 26 a special day for them and for us.

Grandparents day around the world

Although Grandparents’ Day has a Christian origin and we have explained it a little above, in many places it goes unnoticed and not in all countries of the world is this day celebrated or on the same date.

  • Poland celebrates January 21 for grandmothers and January 22 for grandparents .
  • In France, the first Sunday in March is Grandparents’ Day.
  • In Mexico, August 28 is the day that is reserved for the oldest of the houses.
  • Making it clear that July 26 has been standardized as an official grandparents day thanks to Google and Doodle where # Grandparents Day every year is a trend on Twitter.