Universal morality: short fables for children

The short fables for children are an effective tool for transmitting principles and values . That is how it has been since the days of oral tradition and that is how it remains today. Its value does not lose its validity despite the passage of time.

Morals, an essential element of short fables for children

One of the recurring themes in short fables for children is that of morality, that is, the ability that human beings have to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. There are well-known examples. When we speak of morality, it is worth making it clear, we are not referring to a term marked by an ideology, a religious belief or the like. No, what it is about is a universal element inherent to the human condition that allows us to frame our actions both individually and socially.

short fables for children 2021
short fables for children 2021

It is not an easy concept to explain, much less easy to illustrate. Hence the value of short fables for children , whose characters tend to assume positions, values ​​or anti-values, principles and even behaviors that revolve around universal morality and help us understand this concept in all its magnitude. Fables (and stories in general) are part of our childhood imagination and are still present even when we become adults. Who has not used one of these stories to exemplify or understand what happens in reality?

Four short fables for children about universal morality

If you don’t remember any of them, but you would like your children to take them into account in the future, here are some that may be useful:

The milkmaid:

This fable tells the story of the daughter of a farmer who, walking one day to the town, where he sold the milk that his cows produced, began to make plans of what he would do with the money obtained: he would buy some eggs, and of those Eggs would hatch chickens, and those chickens in turn would give her more money to buy a nice dress. However, at a bend in the road he stumbled and the milk he was carrying spilled out. It is a story about prudence.

The ant and the dove:

One day, a dove saw from a tree branch an ant about to drown in the river. He took flight, descended to the riverbed and saved his life. Deeply grateful, the ant promised to return the favor whenever possible. Some time later, a hunter was about to fire his rifle and hunt the pigeon; however, at the last moment the ant stung him on the heel and knocked him off balance. It was an instant that the pigeon took the opportunity to take flight and take refuge in its nest.

The fortune teller:

A soothsayer devoted himself day and night to his work. He was respected and admired by all the people. One day, while in the central square, someone informed him that thieves had entered his house. He ran there and checked what they told him. In the midst of surprise, someone asked him why, being who he was, he had not been able to foresee what was going to happen. The soothsayer was silent. Moral: there is always something that cannot be known.

short fables for children
short fables for children

The albino burrito:

It tells the story of Gaspar, a little donkey that everyone looked at as an exotic animal due to the very white color of his hair. There was no other donkey with these characteristics, and for that reason it was a constant victim of ridicule, deceit and even practical jokes. Until one day, tired of all this, he sought refuge in his mother, who made him see how valuable it was to be different from the rest of the animals. From that day on, Gaspar accepted himself as he was.

These are just some of the many short fables for children with which you can transmit the concept of universal morality to your children. Do you know others? Think no more; tell them and enjoy with the kids with these stories.