Turnip omelette recipe with potatoes and chorizo

Turnip greens are the leaf sprouts that come out of the turnip, whose flavor and texture make this leaf unique and different from other vegetables. If you pick them out of season they will taste too bitter and have a too leathery texture that does not soften even when boiling for a long time, therefore, it is better to take into account their harvest time.

In general, they sprout from January to March and the first leaves that are the first flowering are usually collected a few months before, but they are called turnips. This vegetable is very present in the cuisine of Galicia, Spain, since it is part of its gastronomic culture. For this reason, during the cold months it is very common to find all kinds of dishes in Galician bars, such as scrambled eggs with turnip greens, pork shoulder with turnip greens, Galician soup or turnip greens omelette.

Turnip omelette recipe
Turnip omelette recipe

In Guruwalik we share one of the most traditional recipes, turnip omelette with potatoes and chorizo . This rich dish that we present to you is going to be simple and will combine the delicious turnip greens with chorizo ​​and potato forming an omelette that will be a luxury at your table. Keep reading and discover with us the step by step to know how to make turnip greens omelette.

Ingredients to make turnip omelette with potatoes and chorizo:

300 grams of canned or fresh turnip greens (depending on the season)
200 grams of sweet chorizo
2 pieces of medium potato
5 eggs
4 tablespoons olive oil
1 glass of oil for frying
2 pinches of salt

How to make turnip greens omelette with potatoes and chorizo:

Step No 1

If you are using canned turnip greens, drain well and set aside on a plate for later. This is a good method to make turnip greens omelette when we are not yet in harvest time, but if you have the opportunity to get fresh turnip greens, use them.

Step NO 2

Cut a few chorizo ​​chunks into thick slices and then cut each slice into four pieces. If you prefer, you can make the pieces smaller. Also peel the potatoes and cut them into slices.

Step NO 3

Heat oil for frying in a deep frying pan. Wait until it is very hot, salt the potatoes and fry them over medium heat, stirring so as not to let them get too toasted and remain tender.

Step NO 4

When the potatoes are almost ready, add the chorizo ​​cubes and fry for 3 minutes, no more because it will lose that texture and juiciness that characterize it so much. Plus, you run the risk of it becoming too salty and dry.

Step NO 5

Beat 4 eggs if they are large or 5 if they are not large. Beat until the white and the yolk are mixed, but it is good that they are not mixed too much so that when the turnip omelette with potatoes is curdled it is juicier. If, on the contrary, you prefer a fluffier and more consistent omelette, then you should beat a little more.

Step NO 6

Cut the stems from the turnip tops and add the leaves to mix with the beaten eggs.

Step NO 7

Now add the potatoes with the chorizo , ingredients that must be warm to prevent the egg from setting before its time. Stir and mix so that the preparation takes substance from everything added.

Turnip omelette recipe with potatoes and chorizo
Turnip omelette recipe with potatoes and chorizo

Step NO 8

Add to the pan a little oil, the same from frying the potatoes and the chorizo ​​to take advantage of the juice that the chorizo ​​released, and pour the mixture to cook the turnip omelette with chorizo ​​without haste. It is preferable to curdle the tortilla over low heat so that it is done well on each side, if the heat is very high it could burn on the outside and remain raw on the inside. Flip often to get it even.

Serve the tortilla immediately to enjoy it hot. This recipe for turnip omelette with potatoes and chorizo ​​and is really spectacular and simple, ideal for family dinner! We recommend accompanying it with some fried padrón peppers, a Galician empanada and Santiago cake to finish preparing a typical Galician menu. As they would say in Galician, “bo appetite for all”.

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