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How to make Turkey Stew with French Fries Recipe

Turkey stew with french fries is a simple and inexpensive dish that I share with  perfect for these cold days when spoon dishes are more desirable. Turkey meat is very good because it is low in fat, it is light and can be cooked in many ways, it is very similar to chicken.

This recipe for potato stew with turkey is prepared with a sauce and the potatoes are fried, so it is a very good and tasty dish that children will especially like, but you can also put some potatoes while the turkey is cooked and so they will be cooked.

How to make Turkey Stew with Chips:

We prepare the ingredients that we are going to need. We pass the meat through the flour .In the casserole where we are going to prepare the turkey stew , we will put a good jet of oil and when it is hot we will put the floured meat to brown .While the meat is browning, we will cut the vegetables : the onion, the pepper and the carrots. Tip: You can also blend them in an electric mixer.

Turkey Stew with French Fries Recipe
Turkey Stew with French Fries Recipe

When the meat is golden, we will put the vegetables . We stir and leave a few minutes to do a little. Then we add the fried tomato , stir.Add the glass of wine, leave it for a couple of minutes and add a glass of water. Let the turkey stew cook in sauce for 15-20 minutes or until the meat is tender and cooked. While the meat is cooking, we peel some potatoes and cut them into squares. We fry them and when they are golden we take them out.

When the meat is ready.

Turkey Stew with French Fries Recipe 2022
Turkey Stew with French Fries Recipe 2022

we will put the potatoes and leave them all together for a couple of minutes. We turn off.And the turkey stew with potatoes step by step will be ready to eat! A delicious and quick dish to prepare.In my blog Cooking with Montse you have many more recipes with turkey that I am sure you will love to try. If you liked the recipe for Turkey Stew with French Fries ,

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