How to make Turkey curry recipe

We cut the turkey into small squares more or less all the same size. Once cut, we add salt and pepper and add curry to taste . We stir all the picadillo with olive oil and let it rest.Chop the onions and tomato in small squares. We chop 4 cloves of garlic into thin strips.

Turkey curry recipe
Turkey curry recipe

On a very low heat, we begin to fry with oil, a head of garlic cut in 4 together with the chopped onion.When the onion begins to warm, we water it all with a generous stream of red wine and let it cook.Before the wine is completely reduced, we add the rest of the garlic, tomato and corn that we had previously chopped. Let it fry over a very low heat for 15 minutes. Stir continuously.

In another pan, place the turkey over low heat.

Turkey curry recipe 2022
Turkey curry recipe 2022

With a generous drizzle of oil. Add pepper and cover so that it cooks slowly. We continuously stir both the turkey and the mince. Place the mincemeat in a mold and serve on a plate along with a generous serving of turkey curry . You can also accompany it with basmati rice and bon appetite ! If you liked the Curry Turkey recipe ,

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