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How to make Turkey Cognac Recipe

Once the peppers are roasted, let them cool slightly to peel them. Also remove the seeds and set them aside.Next, add the chopped, peeled and seasoned chicken to the skillet and brown it well along with the vegetables.Once well browned, add the paprika and flour, cover the chicken with peppers with water and cook for 35-40 minutes.

How to make Cognac Turkey:

To start, place the pieces of meat to be marinated with the vinegar in a bowl. Reserve for half an hour in a cool place or in the fridge.After this time, melt the butter with the two tablespoons of oil and two of the garlic in a pan, wide enough.

Turkey Cognac Recipe
Turkey Cognac Recipe

Sauté the turkey pieces and add a tablespoon of brandy, nutmeg, salt and pepper to taste. We brown for about 3 to 5 minutes and leave there for about 10 more minutes reserving this sauce.Meanwhile, we prepare the dressing directly in a baking dish. Add and mix the olive oil, hot water, white wine, spices and the rest of the garlic.Cut the peppers into julienne strips and place in the source, alternating with the peas, the turkey fillets and the sauce from the first preparation . Finish with a point of salt.

Health and good Appetite.

Turkey Cognac Recipe 2022
Turkey Cognac Recipe 2022

Take to the preheated oven and leave over medium heat for half an hour . If you see that all the liquid is consumed you can add a little more hot water.Then we carefully open and put on each part of the turkey a little melted butter from the first preparation that we gave the turkey. Finally, we activate the gratin function and let everything brown for 10 more minutes.Serve the turkey in hot cognac with turmeric rice , cooked vegetables or mashed potatoes .If you liked the recipe for Turkey with cognac , we suggest you enter our category of Turkey Recipes .

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