How to make Turkey breast stuffed with vegetables recipe

Breasts stuffed turkey is much served during the month of December on the occasion of the festivities, we have several options and this I wanted to give a Christmas touch. Its origin is North American, most consumed in the so-called Thanskgiving, it looks very similar to chicken but contains larger pieces.

You can eat the whole turkey or, as in this case, a portion that is a little smaller and cheaper, such as turkey breast. Read on and learn how to prepare turkey breast stuffed with vegetables .

How to make Vegetable Stuffed Turkey Breast:

Our first step in making this Christmas turkey recipe is to pre-list all the ingredients.The first thing we are going to do is marinate the turkey, something easy and simple, which we can use in any daily recipe. In a bowl add the orange juice, dried oregano, half the honey and garlic paste to taste, mix all these ingredients very well.

Turkey breast stuffed with vegetables recipe
Turkey breast stuffed with vegetables recipe

While we marinate the stuffed turkey breast, what we are going to do is cook the vegetables with which we are going to fill it. So, we bring a pot of water to medium heat and let the water come to the boiling point.

We add the vegetables, in this case only the spinach and asparagus, which is the green touch of our stuffed turkey. Let cook for about 5 to 10 minutes and remove and cut the cooking with cold water to avoid overcrowding the vegetables.

Marinate the turkey breasts with the orange juice.

Mixture and other ingredients, reserve in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes or 1 hour so that the Christmas recipe is marinated very well. Once we have marinated the Christmas turkey , remove it and take it to a table, add the green asparagus, the spinach leaves and the pepper or red paprika in strips as shown in the photograph.

If you look, we are using ingredients that give Christmas colors. Roll the turkey breasts very well and once the roll is done, close the ends with wooden toothpicks. If you want you can close it with kitchen string, I wanted to make it a little easier and use objects that we have at home.

Bring a frying pan over medium heat with a little oil and once hot add the breasts, what we are going to do is seal them to finish cooking in the oven. The sealing is done so that it does not lose its juices in the oven.

Take the turkey breasts to a baking dish.

Bathe with the marinade on top, add the rest of the honey to each one, this will give a golden touch in the oven. H ornea turkey breasts filled for about 20 to about 25 minutes at 160C. 

Once you remove them from the oven, carefully remove the toothpicks and slice the Christmas breasts. If we look at cutting into medallions, in the center we see red and green, characteristic colors of Christmas.

Turkey breast stuffed with vegetables recipe 2022
Turkey breast stuffed with vegetables recipe 2022

Accompany the turkey breasts stuffed with vegetables with a fresh salad and if you wish with a mashed potatoes , it is delicious. If you want more turkey recipes and have any comments or concerns, write to us. Enjoy these delicious recipes on these special dates with all your family and friends! If you liked the recipe for Turkey breast stuffed with vegetables ,

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