How to make Turkey and Mushroom Stew Recipe

Turkey is a lean meat, high protein percentage and rich in iron. we are going to prepare a turkey and mushroom stew , using fresh and healthy ingredients. This dish is very recurrent to make in the autumn-winter season. Do not miss it!

How to make Turkey Mushroom Stew:

To make the turkey with mushroom stew, we must gather all the ingredients .We seal the chopped turkey in a pot with hot oil. Season and reserve.In the same pot, add a little more oil and fry the chopped chives .

Turkey and Mushroom Stew Recipe
Turkey and Mushroom Stew Recipe

Add the carrot peeled into pieces to the chive sauce.Chop the mushrooms into quarters and add them to the sauce.To continue with the turkey and mushroom stew, add the meat and wine . Sauté for 3 minutes.Add the diced potatoes and cover the turkey and mushroom stew with water .

Sauté for 3 minutes

Season with salt and cook for about half an hour, until the potatoes are tender.If you are a lover of spoon dishes and you liked the turkey stew with mushrooms , you can also prepare a delicious beef stew .

Turkey and Mushroom Stew Recipe 2022
Turkey and Mushroom Stew Recipe 2022

And to accompany it, you can make a green salad , a tomato salad or whatever you like the most.If you liked the recipe for Turkey and Mushroom Stew , we suggest you enter our Turkey Recipes category .

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