How to make Traditional stuffed turkey recipe for Christmas

Traditional Christmas turkey filling is always prepared with apple, stale bread, dried fruit, bacon and broth. In this Christmas recipe we will teach you how to combine those ingredients to make a traditional, juicy and irresistible Christmas turkey filling for all your guests. So if you wonder how to prepare stuffed turkey, you will see that it is easier than it seems! Keep reading carefully the traditional stuffed turkey recipe for Christmas that we teach you in Free Recipes and discover the authentic flavor of this famous dish. Of course, have a little patience, because although it takes time, the preparation of this Christmas stuffed turkey is easy and you will see that it will be worth it.

How to make a traditional Christmas stuffed turkey:

Clean the turkey well by removing the feathers that have not been removed with tweezers and rinsing it with water. Likewise, sometimes inside the cavities of the turkey there are bags with the viscera or the neck, check if they are and remove them so that it is well clean inside. Finally, dry it with kitchen paper.

Traditional stuffed turkey recipe for Christmas
Traditional stuffed turkey recipe for Christmas

Once clean, inject 50 ml of sweet wine with a syringe at different points on the breast and legs so that the Christmas stuffed turkey is very juicy. Then, season the pago to taste by adding salt and pepper inside and out and brush it with a little lard.Preheat the oven to 220 ºC and, while it is heating, prepare the turkey stuffing . To do this, rehydrate the prunes and dried apricots and cut them into pieces.

Chop the bacon into very small pieces and place

It in a bowl with the rest of the filling ingredients, letting the bread soak in the broth. If you prefer to make the stuffing with ground beef, check out the following step-by-step recipe: ” Traditional Christmas Turkey Stuffing .”Once everything is mixed, add the apples cut into wedges and stuff the turkey . To do this, you must insert the filling through the cavity with the help of a spoon to distribute it well.

Ideally, sew the opening with kitchen string so that the Christmas turkey filling does not come out during baking.Now is the time to bake the stuffed turkey for Christmas . To set the oven time, 45 minutes are calculated for each kg of turkey . In our case, we had to cook the stuffed turkey for 3 hours and 20 minutes at 180ºC. A trick to prevent it from overburning and drying out is that after it has been in the oven for an hour and a half, cover the breast and the tips of the thighs with a sheet of aluminum foil.

Serve the traditional Christmas stuffed turkey

Traditional stuffed turkey recipe for Christmas 2022
Traditional stuffed turkey recipe for Christmas 2022

Once it’s done with your favorite starters and dessert for these special dates, such as a truffle-stuffed Christmas log . This juicy baked stuffed turkey recipe is very simple and practical and, although it is intended for Christmas, it is also perfect for Thanksgiving.If you liked the traditional Stuffed Turkey recipe for Christmas , we suggest you enter our Turkey Recipes category .

With what to accompany the stuffed Christmas turkey

After reviewing the ingredients of the Christmas stuffed turkey and the steps to make it, you are probably wondering what sides or garnishes you can make to serve a full menu. Well, from RecetasGratis we recommend the following recipes: