Easy to Make Tortilla Esparraguera Recipe

Ingredients to make Esparraguera Omelette Recipe:

  • 2 Eggs
  • 12 wild asparagus
  • 400 cc. Water
  • Salt to taste
  • A splash of milk
  • Four cloves Garlic
  • Two tablespoons Oil (To choose between olive or sunflower, that is, sunflower)
Easy to Make Tortilla Esparraguera Recipe
Easy to Make Tortilla Esparraguera Recipe

How to make Esparraguera Omelette:

Step NO 1

The asparagus omelette is better known as Asparagus Tortilla and that’s it, but recipes for asparagus omelettes must be like three hundred thousand; ours is different, their asparagus are more alive.

Step NO 2

Essential elements to prepare the Esparraguera Omelette: The atomic pressure cooker as always.

Step NO 3

Some sharp knives in case the flies; fly swatters, in case they flock to the smell of knives.

Step NO 4

A hole in the ground to bury the waste of the products that we use; Everything has to be planned, we are not always at home making the food, everything can coincide in a picnic.

Step NO 5

Patience too, and every day: Love.

Easy to Make Tortilla Esparraguera Recipe

Step NO 6

And just in case, a frying pan.

Step NO 7

Preparation: The order of the factors If it alters the product of this recipe, it is not the same to put the pan on the fire while we prepare all the movement of the ingredients than not to put it; If we put it, the frying pan, the oil can burn, and if we don’t put it, then no, eh? Is that clear? Good.

Step NO 8

The first thing we do is prepare the wild asparagus.

Step NO 9

It is convenient to point out that they are wild, those that are green that I want you green.

Step NO 10

The whites are neither asparagus nor anything, they are a rarer hybrid than a frog singing rap.

Easy to Make Tortilla Esparraguera Recipe
Easy to Make Tortilla Esparraguera Recipe

Step NO 11

The preparation of the asparagus, wild, is done as follows: Take one by one and remove the back of the asparagus, like three fingers, in others there are more than three fingers, it depends on their quality, from the asparagus, not from the fingers.

Step NO 12

Once cut, they wash well.

Step NO 13

Then we peel the garlic and slice them like products that are cut like this with a knife: chuí, chuí, chuí, chuí.

Step NO 14

In the atomic pressure cooker we already have 400 cc. heating up; Add the sliced ​​garlic, then the well washed and combed asparagus; It is convenient to clean all the products well, what does it cost us to do things well? We close the pot and when it buffets a lot, five minutes of simmering.

Step NO 15

Now the omelette, or what will be a ditto.

Easy to Make Tortilla Esparraguera Recipe
Easy to Make Tortilla Esparraguera Recipe

Step NO 16

We beat the two eggs well, we add the milk, yes, the splash of milk, we beat more, we add a little parsley, okay, yes, I have not put it in the ingredients, but I am not going to put it all, you will have something what to do on your part.

Step NO 17

The asparagus are already there, don’t you hear them? Well, take them out because they are going to suffocate from being in there for so long.

Step NO 18

We take them out, and with the help of a fork, taking them from the bottom, with the scissors we cut them into pieces and throw them in the pot or plate where the beaten eggs are.

Step NO 19

One, another, another and so on until twelve.

Step NO 20

We can easily see that there is no reason to cut all the asparagus, the back is still hard and it is not a plan to put it in the tortilla, it is disgusting afterwards to be eating this delicacy and going around doing filthy things.

Step NO 21

Are already? Good. While we have been doing this, we have already been able to prepare the pan with the oil; What hadn’t occurred to you? Well now to wait until the oil is very hot.

Step NO 22

It is already hot, so we pour the mixture of the beaten eggs with the well-cut asparagus.

Easy to Make Tortilla Esparraguera Recipe

Step NO 23

How glorious that fffsssss !! what makes contact with the oil! We wait a bit, we move, such, such, and at the moment we turn it around.

Step NO 24

Another moment and … Taránnnn !! The asparagus omelette is ready to be tasted.

Step NO 25

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