Easy to make Toast recipe with egg in the center

In this step-by-step recipe we will teach you how to prepare the famous egg bread from the movie “V for Vendetta”, a fried egg sandwich with an original touch, as we will cook the egg inside the bread.

The toasts with egg in the center are super easy to make and the truth is that to make the toasts of a lifetime, it is better to innovate with Guruwalik and surprise with a different breakfast without having to spend more than necessary.

Toast recipe with egg in the center
Toast recipe with egg in the center

So let’s go with the preparation of this sandwich with an egg in the middle and enjoy a very tasty dish, but above all very fun.

Ingredients to make Toast with egg in the center:

  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 slices of sliced ​​bread
  • 1 jet of Oil
  • 1 pinch of Salt and Pepper

How to make toast with egg in the center:

Step NO 1

We start by gathering the ingredients . I have decided to use whole wheat bread because it is the one I like the most, but you can use any type of sliced ​​bread for this recipe.

Step NO 2

Cut a piece from the center of the bread to cook the egg. In principle you must cut a circle in each slice of bread, you can use a glass, a pasta cutter or whatever you have on hand.

I have gone for the most classic version, but if you have a cookie cutter to make shortbread, you can cut the bread in the shape of a star, heart or any other that will surprise you.

Toast recipe with egg in
Easy to make Toast recipe with egg in the center

Step NO 3

To make these egg toasts it is very important that you use a non-stick pan. When you have it, heat over medium heat and toast the slices of bread on one side only.

Step NO 4

When the bread is lightly toasted, turn it over and break the egg in the center , right where there is no crumb. Season with salt and pepper and let the egg cook without oil , keeping the flame over medium heat.

Step NO 5

These toasts with egg in the center can be made in two ways. You can continue cooking until you see that the egg white is cooked but the yolk is soft, or you can make some V for Vendetta egg toast , as it appears in the movie.

To do this, wait for the egg base to be well cooked and then turn the toast over, in this way we will also cook the yolk.

Step NO 6

Finally, serve your toasts with egg in the center and enjoy! This dish can be an ideal breakfast accompanied with a couple of sausages or a little avocado and cheese.

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