Tiktoker Ayesha Akram Ke Sath Lahore Me Minar e Pakistan Pe Kia Hua?

Another aspect of the Ahur incident that came to light is the very different version that was presented on social media. Videos will be made. It was a program, but then the followers ran up like frightened pigs. This is what she wanted, but she got a little hungry like this. Then the police came and arrested her. Ms. Media has become a top trend on social media. She is said to have reached the heights of fame overnight. With a little sacrifice, the deal has not been so bad for the lady

The first fan is called. Is told. The address is explained. I have to make a tick tock today. You get there so the reception shows how popular it is. Then when the fans full of love arrive. Express love Bounce like a ball in the air. Touch the parts of the body with devotion. Furt snatch each other in emotions. If you hold your arms and hands and feet to take them with you, then you get angry at the love of fans. The heart trembles. Then comes the idea of ​​getting a leaflet. Along with cameraman Aamir Sohail, a case should be registered against 400 fans from Minar Pakistan on the request of such and such a girl.

Tiktoker Ayesha Akram Ke Sath Lahore Me Minar e Pakistan Pe Kia Hua? Ayesha Khan Waha Keyu Gai?
Tiktoker Ayesha Akram Ke Sath Lahore Me Minar e Pakistan Pe Kia Hua? Ayesha Khan Waha Keyu Gai?

I see that people all over my country are slowly becoming involved in this modern digital business of prostitution. Customers are now collected by putting videos on Tik Tak. Spectators are attracted .. First they were called spectators, now they are called fans Forgiveness is also taken.

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What happens?

The first invitations are left on tick tock by making videos of sins and invitations, meaningful gestures and sentences. It’s kind of like fishing bait. Lustful big and small fishes or fans watch these videos, chat gossip starts, obscene phrases are played in the live show and then the series of mail meetings starts .. In favor of such digital mail per mail prostitutes. There are statements of great misery when they are banned in Pakistan because of their deeds. The government has become the enemy of the livelihood of these poor little earners.
Well let’s move on .. the number of fans is increased ..

Some of these wealthy fans aka spectators are chosen. They are separated. They start talking to them in the same way as in this bazaar. Parents, siblings and all other family members are also helpful and facilitators in this dirty earning. Meetings with wealthy fans begin in exchange for large sums of money. Parents, husbands and mothers-in-law also know about these meetings. They all take and give their share. Even a video cannot be made without the help of brothers, fathers, husbands or sisters. Everyone knows that videos are made and tucked in for the sexual gratification of the fans.

A friend sent me a video of a famous Tuck Tucker girl eating and drinking in a hotel with her fans and her fans were doing such obscene acts with her in front of each other that anyone would bow their head in shame. .. while the other fan was making a video of their movements .. she was laughing and chanting slogans of Sialkot. The brother who sent the video said that this is the real face of today’s new generation of Pakistan ..

I did not regret this incident at all. Because I have heard that the cameraman who went with the team was also his fans coming from different cities of Pakistan and he had invited all the fans to come to Minar Pakistan from his tick talk account. At first I was disappointed to see the number of four hundred fans, then when four hundred fans started expressing their devotion, it started to look like four hundred beasts. I have heard that the police have registered a case against Fans. But no one could be identified … Spectators have only one identity .. They are only spectators alias fans ..

There is no need to make a fuss. My position is that this tuk-tuk prostitute, all her lovers should be lined up in one line and their visit should be made red because the fault lies with both the parties