Easy to make The best cold stuffed eggs recipe

Ingredients to make the best cold stuffed eggs:

  • Eggs
  • Mayonnaise
  • Fried tomato (from brick, from boat, from the brand you like the most)
  • Tuna in oil

    The best cold stuffed eggs recipe
    The best cold stuffed eggs recipe

How to make the best cold stuffed eggs:

Step NO 1

You take the eggs you need and a casserole and cook for 15 minutes.

Step NO 2

While the eggs are cooking, we are preparing the can of tuna and a little fried tomato in a bowl. So that you do the calculations well, I do it like this: a can of tuna for every 4 eggs (whole, that is, 8 halves)

Step NO 3

We add a little fried tomato and we stir it well.

Step NO 4

We leave it in the reserved bowl until we have the eggs ready. And while we cool the eggs under the cold water tap. We put the peeled eggs on a plate and cut them in half.

Step NO 5

Now very carefully you have to remove the yolks from the whites, so that the space that we are going to fill with our own filling remains. They are pulled out and set aside for last.

Step NO 6

And now, we are ready to fill them with the mixture of tuna and tomato that we have made before.

Step NO 7

Better with a small teaspoon and we shouldn’t leave them with a pompadour either, because we still lack the mayonnaise and the yolks.

The best cold stuffed eggs
Easy to make The best cold stuffed eggs recipe

Step NO 8

The next thing is to pour a capita of mayonnaise on top. You have to squeeze it a little, but not too much, otherwise it will make small balls.

Step NO 9

You have to crumble it between your fingers, but without squeezing too much. Until all the yolk is undone and you sprinkle it over the eggs.

Step NO 10

This is how they will look when finished. If you want to finish decorating them with a few strips of bell pepper (the can) on top, they are great. And the taste is great.

Step NO eleven

In addition, you can do it for the presentation and if later you do not like the pepper then you put it aside and you do not eat it and that’s it.

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