How to make Thai Red Chicken Curry Recipe

Chicken red curry is a traditional dish of Thai cuisine. Although it is a very popular recipe in some regions of the world, it is still an unknown dish for many, and thanks to amada_sin_n at RecetasGratis we can learn how to prepare it. Read on and discover the steps to know how to make Thai Red Chicken Curry .

How to make Thai Red Chicken Curry:

We gathered all the ingredients to start preparing the Thai Red Chicken Curry. First , the onion, garlic and ginger are minced , about a tablespoon, to sauté them for a few minutes without getting to brown. Now, we add the rest of the seasonings and sauté it for about 3 minutes with the chicken pieces.

Thai Red Chicken Curry Recipe
Thai Red Chicken Curry Recipe

After this time, we add the coconut milk and add salt to taste to continue with the recipe for Thai chicken curry.We stir from time to time and let it cook for 20 minutes with a lid.It does not matter who you invite, if you take out this salty cake, you will have been right for sure! It is a colorful recipe and includes ingredients that are very common at home and that, in general, most like.

One of those that you have to have on hand for unforeseen events.

If necessary, you can leave it for 10 more minutes so that the sauce is thicker and the chicken curry is ready. And this is simply what you have to do to taste a wonderful dish of red curry chicken that some of us were unaware of from Thailand.

Thai Red Chicken Curry Recipe 2022
Thai Red Chicken Curry Recipe 2022

It is not complicated to prepare and can be prepared in advance, it is simply an ideal recipe! If you feel like it, it can be accompanied with a bowl of basmati or long boiled rice and a few pieces of cucumber or with a simple Naan bread. Bon Appetit friends. If you liked the recipe for Thai Red Chicken Curry ,

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