How to make Easy and tasty Chicken with orange recipe

Easy and tasty orange chicken, a different dish of chicken with orange simple and quick to prepare that everyone who tries it will love for sure. Chicken is one of the poultry meats that tends to be liked in all kinds of ways, but in a sauce or in a stew like this chicken with orange juice it is always much tastier.The orange chicken recipe that I propose in RecetasGratis this time is a chicken in orange sauce , with a citrus touch that gives the meat a very good flavor. A recipe where bread cannot be absent.

You can use any part of the chopped bird, be it the breasts, the thighs, the wings or even the whole chicken to make it with orange, but this time I have decided to chop all the chicken to take better advantage of it.If you want to learn how to make orange chicken in a pan without an oven, don’t miss the steps with photos that I detail below and you will end up becoming an expert for the next time you prepare this dish.

How to make Easy and Tasty Orange Chicken:

We chop the chicken and season it. Tip: You can leave the homemade orange chicken more or less chopped, but keep in mind that the larger the pieces, the longer it will take to cook.We put the chicken to brown over high heat in a saucepan with a little oil. When it is golden on one side, we turn it over and add the chopped onion.

How to make Easy and Tasty Orange Chicken:
How to make Easy and Tasty Orange Chicken:

We lower the heat a little and this is how the chicken is made and the onion is browning. Soon we add the minced garlic. When the chicken is golden brown and the onion is golden brown, on one side of the casserole we put the spoon of flour and stir so that it cooks with the chicken.Add the crushed tomato and let it cook for a couple of minutes.Add the glass of white wine, let it reduce for a couple of minutes and add the glass of orange juice and half a glass of water. We stir everything and let the chicken cook in orange juice for about 20 minutes.

If necessary we will add a glass of water.

We taste the salt, rectify if necessary and if we like the chicken with orange more flavor, we can add more juice.When it’s ready we turn off the fire. We let the easy and tasty orange chicken rest a little if possible so that the sauce is better. These dishes are better from one day to the next.

Easy and tasty Chicken with orange recipe
tasty Chicken with orange recipe

We serve the chicken with the sauce and ready to eat! You can accompany it with some loose rice , roasted potatoes or a lentil salad with vegetables for example.Be sure to try other recipes for chicken sauces like this orange sauce for meat or orange gastric , and visit my blog Cooking with Montse to find out about all my latest gastronomic news.If you liked the easy and tasty Orange Chicken recipe , we suggest you enter our Chicken Recipes category .