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Tale of the Princess and the Stone

Do you know the beautiful story of The Princess and the Stone. Tonight, when you put your daughter or son to bed, surprise them by telling them this story that they probably don’t know. It is a short story, but one that hides a great moral. “Many, many years ago, there was an incredibly rich, beautiful and wise princess. Tired of false suitors who came to her for their riches, she said that she would marry whoever brought her the most precious, tender and sincere gift. The palace She was filled with flowers and gifts of all kinds and colors, love letters and poets. And among all those magnificent gifts, she discovered a stone, a simple and dirty stone.

Princess and the Stone
Tale of the Princess and the Stone

Intrigued, she called the one who had given it to her. Despite her curiosity, she showed to be very offended when the young man appeared, who explained himself by saying: – That stone represents the most valuable thing that I can give you, princess: it is my heart. And it is also sincere, because it is not yours yet, and it is hard, like a stone. Only when filled with love will it soften and be more tender than any other. The young man quietly left, leaving the princess in surprise. She fell in love and carried the stone with her everywhere. For months, he filled the young man with gifts and attentions, but his heart remained as hard as stone in his hands. Discouraged, she ended up throwing the stone into the fire.

At once, he saw the sand melt away, and from that rough stone a beautiful figure of gold emerged. Then, she understood that she herself would have to be like fire, and transform everything she touched by separating the useless from the important. During the following months, the princess set out to separate the useless from the important of her kingdom. And as with the stone, its fire undid the hard crust of the young man’s heart, which made the princess happy. “

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