Tale of ‘Pinocchio’ New Top Moral Stories {2021}

One of the most popular children’s stories is the story of ‘Pinocchio’, of Italian origin and which narrates the adventures of a wooden doll who wanted to be a child and who in order to achieve it had to learn values ​​such as commitment, love or The responsability. Among these values, the most popular of all stands out, the teaching that you should not tell lies and that you should always go with the truth ahead. Well known is that Pinocchio grows his nose every time he lies.

Among the different morals that can be drawn from this story , the internal transformation that Pinocchio undergoes through the experiences that he accumulates throughout his adventures stands out , discovering the importance of truth, respect and friendship in life.

The tale of 'Pinocchio'
The tale of ‘Pinocchio’

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Tale of ‘Pinocchio’

Once upon a time there was the carpenter Gepetto, who was one night in his workshop carving a wooden doll. He worked so hard in his work that the result was extraordinary and the doll did not lack detail: his legs, his arms, his body and a nice putiaguda nose. – You’re ready. Although I should give you a name… I know! As you are made of pine I will call you Pinocchio. – Said the old carpenter. – Too bad you’re just a doll and you can’t be my son, I’d love for you to be a real boy .

Despite not expecting it at all, Gepetto’s wish would come true. During the night, while Gepetto was sleeping, a fairy came to the workshop. With his magic wand he decided to grant Gepetto’s wish. – Wake up Pinocchio. Now you can talk and move like everyone else. But you will have to be very good if you want to become a real child – and after saying this, the fairy disappeared.

Pinocchio began to move around the workshop and hidden behind some toys he discovered a cricket with whom they quickly became friends and began to play and laugh. They made such a noise that they woke Gepetto. The carpenter, seeing that his dream had come true, hugged Pinocchio with all his might.

– What joy Pinocchio! I will make of you a good and diligent child. Although for that you should go to school … You will go tomorrow like all children. Gepetto went out to buy a book from Pinocchio, for which he had to sell his coat, something that did not matter to him, since he wanted the best in the world for what was now his son. The next day Pinocchio was on his way to school when he came across a boy.

The tale of 'Pinocchio' 2021
The tale of ‘Pinocchio’ 2021

You’re going to school? But if it is boring! Come with me to see the puppet theater. Pinocchio did not hesitate and said yes to his new friend. – But Pinocchio, what are you doing? – Said the chattering cricket, which hidden in his jacket pocket had heard everything – Your obligation is to go to school! And it is also your father’s wish!

But Pinocchio ignored his friend’s advice and went with the boy to the theater. Pinocchio liked the show so much that he ended up going on stage with the rest of the puppets. People clapped and laughed cheerfully, and the theater owner realized right away that Pinocchio could make him a lot of money . So he took him by the arm, put him in a cage and locked him up.

The poor man began to cry, so much so that the fairy heard him and came to his aid to free him. Back home, Pinocchio found Gepetto very worried. – Where were you Pinocchio? – At school, father … But then the teacher asked me to go on an errand .And at that moment Pinocchio’s nose began to grow and grow without the poor man being able to do anything. – You must tell the truth! His friend the chattering cricket chided him.

Pinocchio sadly confessed the truth to his father and promised not to lie again or miss school. The next day when he was going to school together with his friend the cricket met the boy again. He told him that he was waiting to go to toy country and invited him to go with him. Pinocchio quickly accepted and again disobeyed his father. His friend the cricket tried to warn him.

In the land of games, everything was great and Pinocchio couldn’t think of a better place to be. Pinocchio spent days and days like this until one day he passed by a mirror and got a great scare. Donkey ears had grown out. Pinocchio and the cricket walked for days to get home and the donkey ears ended up disappearing, but when they got to Gepetto’s house they found it empty.

– No this! My father is not here! – Pinocchio said through tears. A passing dove heard Pinocchio. – Excuse me, but is your father called Gepetto perhaps? Because I have seen it in the sea. He was in a boat and a huge whale has swallowed him . – A whale? Quick cricket, we have to go find him! Thanks dove.

Pinocchio and the cricket reached the beach and got into a wooden boat. They drifted for days in the immense ocean. Suddenly, they found the whale they were looking for, which swallowed them. Everything was plunged into absolute darkness. Pinocchio started yelling for his father but no one answered him. In the whale’s stomach there was only silence . After a long time Pinocchio saw a little light in the background and thought he heard a familiar voice.

Pinocchio? Is it you, Pinocchio? – the voice screamed. – He is my father! Dad here, it’s me. I’m here! Finally, father and son were able to hug each other again after so long. Then they thought about how to get out of there. They decided to make a fire by burning one of the boats, so the whale sneezed and they left. However, Gepetto lacked the strength to reach the beach. Pinocchio carried him on his back but he too was getting more and more tired. When they reached the shore his wooden body gave up and he lay face down in the water.

– Pinocchio! No Please! Don’t go and leave me here! – Gepetto shouted, taking Pinocchio in his arms. Then the fairy appeared again. – Gepetto, don’t cry. Pinocchio has shown that even though he has been disobedient, he has a good heart and loves you very much, so he deserves to become a real child. The fairy waved her wand and Pinocchio’s eyes widened again. He had become a real boy . Pinocchio, Gepetto and the cricket returned home and lived happily for many years.