Easy to make Sweet Pancake Tower Recipe

Another video recipe , in this case we have decided to make a dessert with American pancakes or pancakes, whatever you prefer to call them. An irresistible mix with dulce de leche and banana that you can prepare for a romantic breakfast or to surprise the little ones at home with a very original dessert, perfect to share.

The pancake tower with dulce de leche is very easy to make and in this video we will show you how. Ready to start cooking? … get the ingredients ready and get to work.

Sweet Pancake
Easy to make Sweet Pancake Tower Recipe

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Easy Sweet Pancakes

First cut the pancakes so that you have the same size odes, to do this I have used a plate ring. Then go building the pancake tower spreading well with dulce de leche and placing banana slices. In the last layer, place a few chopped walnuts and a good extra splash of dulce de leche and enjoy.

Although in the video we do not explain how to make American pancakes or dulce de leche, here are some recipes that can be used:

Sweet Pancake Tower Recipe
Sweet Pancake Tower Recipe
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  • Homemade pancakes
  • Oatmeal apple pancakes
  • Chocolate pancakes
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