How to make Sweaty Chicken with Potatoes Recipe

Colombian chicken sudado or chicken sudado con papas is a daily preparation in Colombia. In every home in this country there is a more or less similar version, which is why it is part of the gastronomic memory of all Colombians. Although it seems to have a lot of ingredients, it really is quite easy to make, another perk of this delicious recipe. Basically, it is a chicken dish with vegetables and seasonings that we all have in our kitchens on a regular basis.

Although we propose a way of preparation, you can vary the spices and seasonings or add more vegetables. The important thing is that in the end you get a robust, spicy and abundant sauce. Read on and discover how to make Colombian sweat chicken step by step!

How to make sweaty chicken with potatoes:

Remove the skin from the chicken. In our case, we use two quadriles and two thighs. Add the soy sauce and half of the following ingredients: salt, pepper, cumin, garlic powder, and oregano.Now, in a large pot, add the oil and fry the chicken pieces just enough to brown. Remove from the pot and reserve.

Sweaty Chicken with Potatoes Recipe
Sweaty Chicken with Potatoes Recipe

In the pan where you sautéed the chicken, add the grated tomato . It can also be liquefied but when grated it preserves more body. Add the grated garlic cloves.Now add the chopped onion, paprika and chives ; also the achiote or onoto along with the rest of the seasonings and the powdered soup. Stir and try to remove the traces of the fried chicken from the pot.Place the chicken pieces in the skillet and allow them to cook a little in the sauce that has been made, about 8 minutes .

Add the potatoes and cassava , peeled and cut into small pieces.

Add enough water to cover the cooking . Do not add salt, remember that dehydrated soup is salty. Boil until the potatoes and yuca are cooked . Now yes, correct the salt if necessary. The garnish of the sweaty chicken with potatoes is usually white rice and salad with avocado. Serve and enjoy! If you liked the recipe for Sweaty Chicken with potatoes , we suggest you enter our Chicken Recipes category . You can also visit a selection of the best Colombian recipes.

Sweat with Vegetables – Variations and Other Recipes

As we have said before, there are many ways to prepare this chicken sweat . To give you more options, we suggest some variations that include: Do not use cassava in the preparation and, instead, substitute carrot for it.

Sweaty Chicken with Potatoes Recipe 2022
Sweaty Chicken with Potatoes Recipe 2022

Skip the dehydrated soup or soup cubes and prepare the chicken with water sweat.Blend all the dressings (tomato, onion, paprika, chives and garlic). This option is perfect for children, as they will continue to eat the vegetables without noticing them too much.
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