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Easy Stuffed Turkey Recipe (with Mofongo)

Peel plantains and chop as for plantains (as in 1 “pieces each). Boil the plantains in salted water 2 knorr cubes, crushed garlic to taste, until soft.Remove from heat, drain. Even if it is a Butterball, always run a stick of butter on the outside, inside the skin, and inside the cavity.

Stuffed Turkey Recipe (with Mofongo)
Stuffed Turkey Recipe (with Mofongo)

While the plantains are being cooked, marinate your turkey to taste with sage, adobochon and lemon pepper.Then place your turkey in a custom mold to wait to be stuffed with bananas. Mofongo, In a pilon, mash approximately 5 cloves of garlic with a tablespoon of salt, pour into a small bowl. Chop the bacon into tiny pieces and in a cold skillet until crisp (not burnt).

Pour the butter in a cup and the bacon

In another container since both will be used to make your mofongo.3. In the pilon add a teaspoon of the lard from the bacon, two pieces of banana and a pinch of garlic.Start mashing two pieces of bananas from the ones that are running off.When they join, add pieces of the bacon, pork rinds or bacon and another piece of banana.Continue mashing until unite. Scoop the mixture out of the pylon and shape into a ball.Follow this procedure until all the bananas are finished.

Stuffed Turkey Recipe (with Mofongo) 2022
Stuffed Turkey Recipe (with Mofongo) 2022

Place the mofongo balls into the turkey cavity until fully filled.Tie your turkey to the package directions and you can bake in an oven or barbecue. Oven: Follow the instructions on the Butterball package and the weight of your turkey.BBQ:

Bake in a suitable black porcelain pan lined with aluminum, and cook with Match Light Barbecue.Takes one hour less than in the oven. I hope you like it! If you liked the Stuffed Turkey recipe (with Mofongo) , we suggest you enter our Turkey Recipes category .

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