Easy to make Stuffed Eggs recipe for Halloween

Deviled eggs are a classic as a starter, but this time together with Free Recipes we show you how to prepare them for Halloween. As you well know, Halloween is a very popular holiday around the world and it is celebrated in different ways, cooking can be a good alternative.

Do you want to know how to make stuffed eggs for Halloween ? We show you 3 different decorations so you can choose your favorite or make them all. With a single filling and a few ingredients you will achieve eerie results. Let’s cook!

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How to make Stuffed Eggs for Halloween:

NO 1

To start preparing this recipe for stuffed eggs for Halloween, first cook eggs . To do this, take them to a pot with enough cold water so that they are covered and cook them for 12 minutes.

Stuffed Eggs recipe for Halloween
Stuffed Eggs recipe for Halloween

No 2

Once time has passed and being careful not to burn yourself, peel eggs . Cut them in half and remove yolk.

NO 3

Mix yolk of eggs with tuna and homemade or canonnaise mayonnaise . Taste it and correct taste until you like it. For example, you can add more mayonnaise, lemon juice, or mustard.

NO 4

Separate a part of filling to make “pumpkin eggs”. Dye mixture with food coloring .

Tip: you can replace food coloring with a little carrot and pumpkin puree. In this way, you will not only achieve same color, but also incorporate fiber and nutrients from vegetable.

No 5

Fill eggs and, with help of edge of a spoon, make 3 cuts as you see in image to create pumpkin effect.

No 6

Add a green pepper or green pepper strip to make cape. You already have one of possible decorations: pumpkin eggs.

Stuffed Eggs recipe
Stuffed Eggs recipe

No 7

To make spider decoration, cut 1 of  olives in middle , this will be body of spider.

Then, cut other olive into slices and, in turn, into 4 pieces as you can see in image. These will be legs of your spiders!

No 8

Fill 2 egg halves and assemble  spiders. second option is ready!

No 9

Finally, fill in remaining 2 egg halves and, with help of a kitchen toothpick and red food coloring, make lines in egg white from center outwards. With them, you will create ribs of this dark eye.

Tip: you can replace food coloring with ketchup or tomato sauce.

No 10

Add tips of olives to each eye to make pupil and voila, you have your stuffed eggs for Halloween. What do you think of this recipe? Tell us in comments if you had fun doing it and don’t forget that you can show us result by posting  photos in comments. Happy Halloween!

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Nutritional information for deviled eggs

Besides being fun, these homemade deviled eggs are very healthy. egg and fish protein provide a lot of satiety, so it will be delicious as a starter, making one not so hungry when thinking about main dish. In addition, we have incorporated healthy fats from fish, which are very beneficial for cardiovascular health.

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