How to make Stuffed Crab Recipe

Crab or crab is a crustacean of the crab family that is found in the northern seas, as well as in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. In the kitchen, this stuffed crab recipe is often prepared for holidays like Christmas or any important event.In this opportunity, in Free Recipes we are going to teach you how to make baked stuffed crab .

It is an easier preparation to do than it seems, although of course it takes time. However, the result is masterful, as it is an elegant and quality dish that will give a lot of showiness to your Christmas table or any special dinner. Serve it with a delicious salad as a simple side and you’ll see how the crab stuffing shines on its own.

How to make Stuffed Crab:

Few ingredients are needed for this recipe, we just have to get the sea oxen. You can buy them already cooked if you want to skip the step of cooking the crustacean and, in addition, it is usually more difficult to find them fresh.Tip: if you are lucky enough to buy them female ox, it will be great to take advantage of their coral.

How to make Stuffed Crab Recipe
How to make Stuffed Crab Recipe

Empty and clean the inside of the ox , extract its coral and meat, shredding it to find any skin, as it is usually mixed and is annoying if we do not extract it well. He also takes out the molla that can carry the claws and legs of the ox.After emptying the ox and leaving the shell, push the bark left on the ends of the ox so that the filling opening is completely open. Reservation.Prepare the vegetables. To do this, clean and cut the onion, garlic cloves and pepper into small pieces. Heat oil in a frying pan and sauté the vegetables for 5 minutes , stirring them.

Once the vegetables are ready

Add the tomato and continue to fry everything together, adding a point of salt. Stir while cooking everything together for 3 minutes over medium heat.Sauté the pieces of seafood meat that you had already cleaned of the skins for 3 minutes. In this case, you should have it over medium heat so that it cooks little by little.

Pour a glass of brandy and light to flambe the sauce, this is a trick that will add an exquisite flavor to the txangurro filling , as they would call it in the north of Spain.You already have your filling ready and all that remains is to fill the ox shells . Help yourself with a spoon and introduce little by little. Once they are both sufficiently full, cover their surface with breadcrumbs and a few pieces of butter and take directly to the oven.

Bake with the resistance on top and, if you can, add the grill. Leave only 4 minutes at 200 ° C in the upper middle part and watch for browning in less time.

Serve the stuffed crab au gratin warm to the table

How to make Stuffed Crab Recipe
How to make Stuffed Crab Recipe

With a good rosé sparkling wine and a loaf of bread , it will be great! Accompany with little more than a salad of oak leaves, spring onion, olives, cucumber and sweet corn. It will be a luxury for a romantic dinner or a meal during the holidays.If you liked this recipe for txangurro or stuffed changurro, discover more traditional recipes from the north of Spain and the Basque Country with our suggestions:

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