Easy to make Stuffed Camembert Cheese Recipe

Ingredients to make Stuffed Camembert Cheese:

  • Camembert cheese 1u.
  • Arugula leaves c / n.
  • Dried mushrooms (girgola, shitake, boletus) c / n
  • Mushrooms c / n
  • Candied cherry tomatoes c / n.
  • Aluminum foil

How to make Stuffed Camembert Cheese:

Step NO 1

To confit the tomatoes, simply place the tomatoes on a baking sheet with 1 crushed garlic clove, plenty of olive oil, salt, pepper mill, rosemary and a pinch of sugar. Put the plate in an oven at low temperature and cook until tender. Cool. Take the Camembert cheese and cut it in half as if we were going to prepare a sandwich.

Stuffed Camembert Cheese Recipe
Stuffed Camembert Cheese Recipe

Fillet the mushrooms and cook over high heat in a skillet without fat. Hydrate the dried mushrooms that we have chosen in hot water or broth, drain the liquid and combine with the mushrooms. Cook briefly and place over the cheese. Finally, place the fresh arugula leaves and close with the other half of the cheese. Place the “sandwich” on aluminum foil and wrap so that it is half covered.

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