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Story of the goose New Top Moral Stories {2021}

Walking, walking, he entered a wonderful forest. Soon, he made friends with squirrels and other little animals whose names he did not know, and thus began to lead a much more carefree life. He ate, slept, chatted, and in the meantime grew more and more fat. One nice day, a fox passed by and saw that the goose was very fat. After the first moment of stupor, because in the forest he had never seen anything like it, an idea occurred to him. That goose could be a wonderful meal for the lion, who, for months, had been ill in his den and did not have the strength to go hunting and forage. If I could bring him the goose, the lion king could eat and thus regain his strength. Afterwards, I would be forever grateful to him. That’s what the fox thought, which, you know, is a very cunning animal.

Then, “Dear goose, we do not know each other, but I would like to give you a confidence. The lion has been very sad since the day he happened to see you, passing by here. He feels very lonely, but, seeing you, he has thought that you could be a perfect companion for him. He loves the white color of your feathers, your elegant bearing, your feminine grace and your playfulness. He has heard you talking to the squirrels and would have liked very much to have been involved in the conversation as well. But, you know, the king is very shy when it comes to making friends and has not dared to say anything to you. I would like to take you to his lair and meet him: he will probably ask you to be his wife. “

The story of the goose 2021
The story of the goose 2021

The goose, happy for what she was hearing, nodded, not even being too surprised by the uniqueness of the proposal. They went together towards the lion’s den and, just in front of the door, the fox went to the goose and said: “Wait for me a moment; I want to prepare the lion for your visit. Otherwise, the emotion would be too strong ”. The goose said yes, it would be very good for her to have a few minutes to comb her feathers, so that the lion would see her dazzling.

The fox entered the den, approached the lion and said: “I have brought you a sumptuous and delicious dinner!” The lion was very happy with this unexpected gift and assured the fox that he would always protect him, also promising him a position as adviser to the king. The satisfied fox went out to accompany the goose to the lion’s den. As soon as the unfortunate goose was in front, the lion leaped to sink its teeth into it. Fortunately, the lion was very weak and could not catch its prey. The goose immediately realized that it had fallen into a trap and ran as fast as it could. Miraculously, she managed to escape and returned to the place in the forest where she was safe before and where she had many friends.

The lion felt very sick and got angry with the fox: “I hate that you promise me something and that you do not keep it,” he said. “You assured me a sumptuous and wonderful dinner and my dinner is gone.” The fox wanted at all costs to please the lion and not lose the privilege that he had promised. Therefore, he returned to the place where he had found the goose and in a voice, even more mellifluous, he said: “I am here to apologize from the lion. I was nervous and tired. He would have liked you to see him fit, and yet when you arrived he was very weak, like a rag. He has gotten angry because he was afraid of making a bad partner with you ”.

The goose listened with curiosity and a little hopeful (she had been very disappointed that she had not been able to make friends with the lion). The fox continued: “The lion sends me to ask for your forgiveness and tell you to come back with him to start a nice sincere and lasting friendship relationship.” The goose swallowed the entire false speech of the fox, without even having the slightest doubt, and decided to follow him.

The story of the goose
The story of the goose

When he entered the den, the lion was waiting for him very close to the entrance. The gullible goose did not even have time to say “Good morning”, when the ferocious lion had already caught her, and then ate it in one bite. Tongo Bango, after having finished his long story, said to the shark: “Now, have you understood? Only fools fall into the same trap twice. The goose was a fool. I do not. I don’t look like the goose ”.

And then, passing almost in front of the shark’s nose, he walked away satisfied between the trees.

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