Transmit values ​​with stories for elementary school children

In other posts we have talked to you about the importance of primary education and how it can contribute to the education in values ​​of your children, a vital element for the construction of more just and equitable societies, and the training of citizens with a high commitment Social. You remember it, right? Well, now we are going to focus on the role of stories for elementary school children, that is, all those stories and stories that parents, teachers or tutors use as a learning tool.

Stories for elementary school [email protected], from concept to experience

Let’s start by remembering something essential about this matter: stories and stories are an excellent resource for transmitting values to children, especially if they are theoretical concepts that they have not yet experienced in their lives.

The values ​​stories for elementary school children help to visualize, understand, feel and experience these values, which go from being distant terms to taking shape embodied in characters or situations. Is there anything more attractive to a child than a well-told story that they can empathize with?

short fables for children
Transmit values ​​with stories for elementary school children

That is what it is about: transmitting to children, from an early age, the values ​​that in the future will allow them to be people of solidarity and concerned about the needs of their environment and the world of which they are part. Can you think of a better reason to put it into practice?

Examples of stories for elementary school children about values

Tradition has bequeathed us numerous examples of stories of values ​​for primary school children , which can serve as a vehicle for learning these issues. Here is a list of some of them:

‘The selfish giant’

It is the story of a sullen giant who lived with his back to a people. His only refuge was a castle that he did not allow anyone to approach, until the day when some children, moved by curiosity, came to the castle garden. The giant, shouting, asked them to leave. But the next day he repented and let the children enter his room. Since then, every new year, the giant and children gather to welcome spring. It is a story about coexistence and integration.

‘Bear’s skin’short fables for children 2021

It is a story about authenticity and values. A young peasant was walking lost in a forest when he met a goblin, who promised him a nice disguise if he killed a bear that lived nearby. He did, and from then on he wandered the region in disguise. He met a girl, Ilse, whom he got engaged to. But the elf’s charm ended at three years of age, and when the date arrived, the peasant met the little man, who gave him his original human appearance again.

‘The lion and the lake’

Self-knowledge is the basis for any social action. In this case, it is a thirsty lion who wandered through a forest until he found a beautiful, clean and peaceful lake, which offered him transparent water. However, the moment he bent down to drink it, the image projected on the lake made him recoil several times until he overcame his fear and drank. After this, proud, he returned to his family and spoke to everyone about the importance of overcoming fears.

Surely many stories for elementary school children have been left out of this list. Can you think of any more? What story about social values ​​could you include?