Easy to make Spun Eggs Recipe

Ingredients to make Spun Eggs:

  • 6 cups of water
  • 1.4 kilos of sugar
  • 10 egg, yolks

    Spun Eggs Recipe

How to make Spun Eggs:

Step NO 1

The yolks are separated from the whites, taking care that nothing is white.

Step NO 2

It is beaten lightly and they are poured into a sleeve with a writing nozzle, or in a special device and they are dropped on the syrup, which is made with water and sugar, until obtaining a half-point syrup, they are cooked one minute, they are removed from the syrup and passed through cold water.

Spun Eggs Recipe

Step NO >3

They are drained and left to air dry.

Step NO 4

It is used to decorate ham, sweets, etc.

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