Easy to Make Spun Egg Recipe

Ingredients to make Spun Egg:

  • 1 kg. sugar
  • 1 l. Water
  • 14 pc. very fresh egg yolk
Easy to Make Spun Egg Recipe
Easy to Make Spun Egg Recipe

How to make Spun Egg:

Step NO 1

Heat the sugar with the water to a boil.

Step NO 2

Boil for 10 minutes until a syrup is smooth.

Step NO 3

Add two beaten egg yolks and boil for 1 minute.

Step NO 4

Strain the syrup keeping the curdled yolks in the strainer.

Step NO 5

These yolks are useless.

Step NO 6

It is important to do this, as new syrup never works well.

Easy to Make Spun Egg Recipe
Easy to Make Spun Egg Recipe

Step NO 7

Put the 12 yolks in a bowl, break them a little and pass them through the strainer, so that they do not have any white residue.

Step NO 8

Put the syrup over a low heat and when it boils, pour the yolks through the special spun egg strainer, rotating your hand to form a skein.

Step NO 9

It is important that the syrup is always boiling.

Step NO 10

Let it cook for 3 minutes and, when it has consistency, remove it, transferring this skein to a bowl with cold water.

Step NO 11

Leave a moment and place it on the sieve or on a tray with a cloth.

Step NO 12

NOTE: to make spun egg you need a special strainer. If you liked the Spun Egg recipe , we suggest you enter our Eggs and Dairy Recipes category .