Spanish omelette stuffed with ham and cheese

Potato omelette is a classic dish of Spanish cuisine that is also known as a stuffed omelette or Spanish omelette . This omelette is prepared with potato, onion and egg, and various ingredients can be added to fill it, such as ham and cheese. Stay at Guruwalik and learn how to prepare a delicious Spanish omelette filled with ham and cheese step by step .

Spanish omelette stuffed
Spanish omelette stuffed

Ingredients to make Spanish omelette stuffed with ham and cheese:

  • 6 pieces of Egg
  • 3 pieces of medium potato
  • 200 grams of Ham
  • 200 grams of cheese
  • 300 milliliters of olive oil
  • Salt and pepper

How to make Spanish omelette stuffed with ham and cheese:

Step NO 1

First step to prepare our stuffed omelette will be to wash and peel the potatoes .

Step NO 2

Cut the potatoes into medium, not very thick pieces .

Step NO 3

Cut the cheese into thin slices , and the ham if necessary.

Step NO 4

In addition, add enough oil to cover the bottom of a medium skillet.

Spanish omelette stuffed with ham and cheese
Spanish omelette stuffed with ham and cheese

Step NO 5

Sauté the potatoes over medium-low heat and constantly stirring.

Step NO 6

Once the potatoes are almost done, separate the eggs, reserving the whites and yolks in separate containers.

Step NO 7

Beat the whites vigorously, and when they are about to snow, gently incorporate the yolks one by one.

Step NO 8

Remove the potatoes from the heat and drain the excess oil. Add the potatoes to the egg mixture and mix gently. Reserve any remaining oil in the pan.

Step NO 9

Place the pan back on the heat, add a drizzle of the reserved oil and add half the egg . Cook over low heat for three minutes.

Tip: Throughout this time, with the help of a kitchen spatula, we surround the omelette to prevent it from sticking.

Step NO 10

When we notice that the tortilla is curdled, that is, when we see that the base already has a consistency, with a plate larger than the pan, we cover, turn the tortilla and place it back in the pan.

Tip: Before turning the tortilla, very carefully surround the edges of the pan to detach the tortilla and prevent it from breaking when you flip it.

Step NO eleven

Cover the Spanish omelette with slices of ham and cheese.

Step NO 12

Cover the ham and cheese with the remaining egg mixture.

Step NO 13

Cover the pan and allow the tortilla to cook for three minutes. Very carefully repeat the procedure from Instruction 10 to flip the tortilla again. Finish cooking the Spanish omelette covered and on a very low heat, for three to five minutes or until it is well cooked.

Step NO 14

Serve t ortilla of potatoes stuffed with ham and cheese while hot, but also knows quite cold. Do not hesitate to prepare it for lunch, lunch or dinner as it is a very rich and versatile dish that everyone will love, and do not leave Guruwalik to learn many more inexpensive and varied recipes .

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