Easy to make Spanish omelette recipe

Potato omelette is an emblematic dish of Spanish gastronomy , even though it is known throughout the world. As a curious fact, you should know that there are doubts about the original recipe, since it is not known if the traditional tortilla has onion or not. We like both versions and this time we show you an easy and quick recipe to make the typical potato omelette with onion at home.

Spanish omelette
Easy to make Spanish omelette recipe

Ingredients to make Spanish omelette:

  • 4 units of Potato
  • 4 units of Egg
  • 1 unit of Onion
  • 150 milliliters of olive oil
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 pinch of Pepper

How to make Spanish omelette:

Step NO 1

List all the ingredients. Keep in mind that you will have to wash and finely cut the onion, while the potatoes will have to be cut into more or less thin slices.

Step NO 2

In a frying pan add the oil and heat over medium temperature, add the potatoes cut into 1/2 cm slices and make a pre-cook of these. When they are transparent and firm, remove from the oil. This method allows you to make tortillas with the most raw potato, you can also do step 1 and 2 in the same oil.

Step NO 3

In the same oil add the onions cut into thin strips and cook until they are translucent. One of the keys of the potato omelette is to be aware of the frying process, you have to play a little with the temperature of the oil to get the texture of the potato and onion that we like, this depends on each one.

Spanish omelette recipe
Spanish omelette recipe

Step NO 4

Apart, beat the eggs and then add the potatoes, onions and season with salt and pepper. Contrary to what many people believe, you should not beat the egg excessively, when it starts to come out bubbles you can stop beating the eggs in the potato omelette.

Step NO 5

To cook the Spanish omelette, the pan should only have a little oil . Check the amount of oil and remove some if necessary. Then, add the egg mixture without stirring and cook with the lid until the omelette is firm.

Step NO 6

Carefully unmold the tortilla, let it cool down to room temperature and serve. The potato omelette can be eaten at all hours and can be used as a garnish for other dishes or as a filling for sandwiches and sandwiches.

Trick: To know if the potato omelette is made inside you must prick a knife and if it comes out clean, the omelette is done.

Step NO 7

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