Easy to make Sonora style flour tortillas recipe

Tortillas represent the essential accompaniment to practically any dish when we talk about Mexican gastronomy, since everything is designed and prepared to combine with this preparation. There are two main types of Mexican tortillas, those made from corn dough or wheat flour.

In this sense, in the northern states of Mexico, flour tortillas are very popular, and they are much more used to accompany dishes than corn tortillas, since flour tortillas are a style of very soft tortillas and with salty flavor that give a special touch to the dishes that usually accompany them.

Sonora style flour tortillas recipe
Sonora style flour tortillas recipe

For all the above, in Guruwalik we have decided to bring you an incredible recipe for Sonora-style flour tortillas , so we will teach you how to make soft, easy, practical and inexpensive flour tortillas. We invite you to continue with us and discover step by step how to make these delicious Mexican flour tortillas by hand, you will see that you will have fun and you will love them.

Ingredients to make Sonora style flour tortillas:

  • 1 kilogram of wheat flour
  • 180 grams of vegetable shortening
  • 1 tablespoon of Salt
  • 2½ cups of hot water

How to make Sonora Style Flour Tortillas:

Step NO 1

In the following image you can see the ingredients that we will need to prepare these delicious Sonora style flour tortillas.

Step NO 2

We are going to start the recipe by mixing the flour with the salt and shortening in a deep bowl , and beat until its texture is lumpy. It is very important to use this type of butter, 100% vegetable, and not substitute it for butter or butter of animal origin, since the result could vary. Likewise, in this way the Sonora-style flour tortillas are suitable for both those who follow a vegan diet and those who do not.

Step NO 3

Once we have the lumpy texture, we carefully add the hot water , which should be as hot as your hands can handle without burning you. We are adding the water little by little until we obtain a dough that does not stick in the hands or in the bowl.

Step NO 4

Now that we have the dough for the Mexican flour tortillas ready, we cut pieces and form balls the size of a large lemon.

Sonora style flour
Easy to make Sonora style flour tortillas recipe

Step NO 5

Once the balls are ready, we take each one of them and with the help of a rolling pin, we crush them on a flat surface, which must be a little floured so that the dough does not stick.

Step NO 6

Once all the flour tortillas have been formed by hand, we take them to the hot griddle and let them cook for 10 seconds on each side.

Step NO 7

And ready! Our rich Sonora style flour tortillas are prepared to be filled with your favorite stew. If you follow a vegan diet, you can opt for tacos de nopales (using a vegan cheese), and if you are one of those who eat meat, tacos al pastor are ideal.

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