Easy to make Soft-boiled Eggs Recipe

If you wonder how soft-boiled eggs are made, you’ve come to the right place, because at Free Guruwalik Recipes we tell you all the tricks for perfect eggs. In addition, at the end of the recipe we will tell you about the calories in a soft-boiled egg so that you can know if it is a product suitable for your diet or not.

However, we anticipate that, if you do not add anything else, the egg is, without a doubt, an ideal food for any diet, since it is an excellent source of protein and vitamins, as well as low in calories.

As the egg is so beneficial, to keep all its properties as intact as possible it is recommended not to cook it fried, so it is ideal to grill the egg , microwave without oil, baked, cooked or semi-cooked, as in this case.

Soft-boiled Eggs Recipe
Soft-boiled Eggs Recipe

In this way, soft-boiled eggs are characterized by having a completely liquid yolk and a cooked white, but how is this effect achieved? Read on and discover the recipe for soft-boiled eggs , the necessary minutes and all the tricks.

Ingredients to make soft-boiled eggs:

  • 1 egg
  • Water
  • bread to accompany

How to make soft-boiled eggs:

Step NO 1

We put a saucepan with water to heat . Depending on the number of soft-boiled eggs that we are going to make, we will have to opt for a more or less large saucepan. However, it is essential that the water completely covers the egg.

Step NO 2

When it boils, we carefully add the egg and cook it for 4 minutes .

Step NO 3

After 4 minutes, we put it under cold water to cut the cooking. If we skip this step, it will continue to cook and the result will not be a soft-boiled egg with the runny yolk, it would be a normal hard-boiled egg.

Step NO 4

TRICK! To break the shell without damaging the egg, use a serrated knife and tap around it, preferably on the top. Then, remove this top part of the shell to leave the rest inside the remaining shell. In this way, you can eat the egg with bread or a spoon.

Soft-boiled Eggs
Easy to make Soft-boiled Eggs Recipe

Step NO 5

Ready! Now that you know how to make soft-boiled eggs , you just need to put them in egg cups and toast strips of bread. We have opted for whole wheat bread so that the dish is as healthy as possible, but you can use the bread that you like the most. Likewise, you can add a pinch of salt to taste, pepper or oil, you decide! Of course, keep in mind that if you add any of these ingredients the calories increase.

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How To Make Perfect Soft-Boiled Eggs – TRICKS

To obtain perfect soft-boiled eggs it is necessary, first, to know well the product we are working on. Thus, it should be noted that the egg is made up of three layers : the yolk, the thick white and the thin white. The thick white is the one that covers the yolk and has a higher percentage of protein, while the thin white is the closest to the shell and has less protein. Each layer of the egg is cooked at different speeds and temperatures , which is why depending on whether we want to obtain a fully cooked or semi-cooked egg, we must cook it in more or less minutes.

In theory, the first thing to cook is the thick white, then the yolk and finally the thin white. For this reason, getting a soft-boiled egg with a well-made white and a very runny yolk is really difficult. However, here are the tricks to make perfect soft-boiled eggs, which are those that show the runny yolk and the cooked thin white:

  • The ideal cooking temperature is 100 ºC , so if you have a kitchen thermometer, use it.
  • If the egg is at room temperature, 4 minutes of cooking is more than enough. Now, if it is cooked right out of the fridge, it must be added 30 seconds more.
  • If more than one soft-boiled egg is made, it is necessary to increase the time, since the temperature of the water drops with each egg added.
  • During the first two minutes, stir the egg constantly to ensure that the yolk is in the center.
    With these tricks you should get perfect soft-boiled eggs, however, the best advice is always to practice and

learn from mistakes , since not everyone has a thermometer to calculate the temperature and not all fires are the same. In the end, trying and knowing our products and utensils is always the key to success.

How many calories does a soft-boiled egg have?

Final number of calories will depend on two main factors: the size of the egg and the extra ingredients added to eat it. However, we can say that a medium-sized soft-boiled egg has about 70 calories . If the egg is small, the calories decrease slightly, while if it is large or extra large, they increase.