Easy to make Shepherd’s Migas Recipe

Migas constitute a plate of pastoral origins in the gastronomy of Castilla la Mancha. It is suspected that its origin could go back to the time of the Roman Empire, although it has evolved throughout history and going through different stages. Currently, it is a dish that is made with very humble ingredients, which during the years in which food has been scarce has served to feed many families because it is very consistent.

We want in Guruwalik you have the opportunity to get to know the typical gastronomy of La Mancha and see how rich these simple crumbs are without the need for many ingredients. Keep reading and discover with us how to make easy and traditional shepherd’s crumbs .

Shepherd's Migas
Shepherd’s Migas

Ingredients to make Migas de pastor:

  • 1 loaf of stale bread (from the day before)
  • 1 piece of fresh chorizo
  • 1 piece of fresh bacon (thick)
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 small glass of olive oil
  • 1 small glass of water to hydrate the crumbs
  • 1 teaspoon salt

How to make Migas de pastor:

Step NO 1

Crumble the bread by hand or with a serrated knife. Try not to let the bread fall apart, just make small pieces and reserve them in a container.

Step NO 2

Add a point of salt to the freshly sliced ​​bread, stir so that it is distributed throughout and moisten the bread adding water little by little . Stir with your hands and do not leave it totally soaked, you just have to moisten it.

Step NO 3

Cut the bacon and chorizo into small pieces and slice the garlic cloves. You can add more of these ingredients to your shepherd’s crumbs, everything will depend on the number of diners. Prepare a large, deep frying pan with olive oil to heat it up.

Step NO 4

Sauté the garlic slices a little and when they turn a golden color add the pieces of meat . Cook over low heat for a period of 4 minutes without stopping stirring to prevent these ingredients from being too toasted.

Step NO 5

After 4 minutes, add the bread and continue stirring with a wooden spoon or a utensil that does not dissolve the shepherd’s crumbs too much. This will be the longest and most expensive part of the recipe, since you have to be careful to stir the crumbs all the time so that they gradually take on a toasted color. With this amount you can have them sautéing for 10 minutes.

Shepherd's Migas Recipe
Easy to make Shepherd’s Migas Recipe

Step NO 6

And they are ready! Traditionally, the shepherd’s migas recipe was eaten with grapes or pomegranate, although nowadays it is also common to enjoy this dish with fried peppers , dry sardines and a long etcetera, since the crumbs combine with everything.

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Migas de pastor – Varieties and more accompaniments

Migas are known in different areas of Spain, although in each locality they receive different names and we find variations in their list of ingredients. Migas del pastor are the best known, however, in La Mancha towns we can also find the migas gachas, which are made with flour instead of bread.

There are Andalusian , Extremaduran , Aragonese crumbs …, all with some different ingredients that make this dish the indicative of each region. As for the accompaniments, they also vary depending on the area. For this reason, we can find crumbs that are served with a fried egg , with fruits such as grapes or mandarin segments, with fried peppers, with roasted meat and even with fish.