Easy to make Scrambled eggs with mushrooms recipe

Can there be something easier and faster to make than some scrambled eggs with mushrooms ? Plus, they are delicious! On many occasions, dinner time can become a real headache, especially if we want to prepare flavored recipes that are ready in just a few minutes and, if possible, are not too forceful. In the end, we always end up preparing the same dishes without complications, making it impossible for us to enjoy this long-awaited moment of the day. Well, this is over!

At Guruwalik we want to help you cook delicious dishes without spending a lot of time in the kitchen, proposing new ideas and simple recipes like this one. Read on and discover how to make broken eggs with mushrooms step by step , you will love them!

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms recipe
Scrambled eggs with mushrooms recipe

Ingredients to make Scrambled eggs with mushrooms:

  • 4 Eggs
  • 4 large mushrooms
  • 1 piece of Leek
  • ½ green pepper
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 pinch of Pepper

How to make Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms:

Step NO 1

To start preparing the recipe for broken eggs with mushrooms, the first thing we do is wash the food well and finely chop the green pepper and the leek . Likewise, we cut the mushrooms into slices. If you want, you can incorporate more ingredients, such as red pepper or onion.

Step No 2

Sauté the leek first in a frying pan with a little hot oil over medium heat. When we see that it begins to take a golden color, add the pepper and stir. If you finally decided to add onion to the scrambled eggs with mushrooms, add it along with the leek.

Step NO 3

When the pepper is ready, add the mushrooms and continue cooking everything together. Besides, we beat the eggs with salt and pepper to taste.

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms
Easy to make Scrambled eggs with mushrooms recipe

Step NO 4

Pour the beaten eggs into the pan when the mushrooms are done and quickly stir with the wooden spoon to break them and make the mushroom scramble . We immediately serve the scrambled eggs with mushrooms accompanied by toast or slices of homemade bread . Without a doubt, one of my favorite dinners, both for its exquisite flavor and for its easy and fast preparation.

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