Easy to make Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese recipe

Are you more into savory breakfasts than sweet breakfasts ? Well, this easy recipe is sure to like you. Learn how to make scrambled eggs quickly and treat yourself to a full and delicious breakfast.

The scrambled eggs with ham and cheese that we describe now in FreeRecipes.net hardly need ingredients and the result is to die for. You will also find some tips so you know how to make a creamy scramble or drier scrambled eggs. Keep reading the recipe step by step and let’s cook!

Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese recipe
Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese recipe

Ingredients to make scrambled eggs with ham and cheese:

  • 1 piece of semi-cured yellow cheese
  • 2 slices of cooked ham
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 pinch of Salt and Pepper
  • 1 tablespoon butter

How to make scrambled eggs with ham and cheese:

Step NO 1

To prepare this delicious scrambled with ham and cheese, the first thing we will do is get all the ingredients ready. Once you have everything on the table, cut the ham into squares .

I have used slices of smoked ham, but you can use the ham that they already sell cut into small strips or any other that is to your liking, such as turkey or chicken ham.

Step NO 2

Now it’s the cheese’s turn. Grate the cheese on the gray side of the grater as seen in the photo. As it says in the ingredients, I prefer to use a semi-cured cheese, but you can use mozzarella cheese or any type of cheese that melts a little in the heat.

If you live in America or Caribbean countries you can use grated hard white cheese, scrambled eggs with ham.

Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese
Easy to make Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese recipe

Step NO 3

Now heat a pan over medium heat and let the butter melt a little. I like to use butter to make the ham stir-fry because it adds more flavor to the scrambled eggs, but you can use a little oil if you prefer.

Step NO 4

Sauté the ham until all the pieces are lightly browned.

Step NO 5

Now it’s time to add the eggs . I always prefer to add them whole to the pan and make the scramble as they cook. But there are those who prefer to beat them separately and then add them to the pan, you can make them as you prefer.

Take advantage and season to taste with a little salt and pepper.

Step NO 6

When the eggs are half done, add the grated cheese to the preparation and continue stirring.

Step NO 7

Continue cooking until the eggs are to your liking. You can leave them drier as seen in the photo or a little creamier.

If you like creamy scrambled eggs, I recommend whipping them with a little milk before adding them to the pan.

Step NO 8

Serve the scrambled eggs with ham and cheese for breakfast accompanied with a little toast or bread with tomato . And if you like this type of dish to start the day you can also try scrambled eggs with onion and tomato and accompany them with a banana and orange smoothie.

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