Easy to make Salty Oatmeal Pancakes Recipe

This recipe for salty oatmeal pancakes are ideal for a healthy diet, as their satiating effect helps us lose weight. Oatmeal pancakes can be made sweet and savory, they are simple and quick to make, that is why it is worth making them at home and eating them homemade.

They can be prepared for breakfast, for a dinner with ham and cheese, or accompanied by chicken with vegetables type rolls. In short, we can prepare a wide variety of meals with pancakes. Therefore, we invite you to continue reading and discover how to make salty oatmeal pancakes very easy in Guruwalik Recipes!

Salty Oatmeal Pancakes Recipe
Salty Oatmeal Pancakes Recipe

Ingredients to make salty oatmeal pancakes:

  • 4 egg whites
  • 40 grams of oatmeal or ground oats
  • 2 tablespoons Greek yogurt
  • 1 egg
  • 1 pinch of salt

How to make salty oatmeal pancakes:

Step NO 1

Put the whites in a bowl and add the egg with a pinch of salt. Beat well.

Tip: If you want to make salty oatmeal pancakes without egg, you can do without it and replace it in the mixture with 1 tablespoon of oil.

Step NO 2

Add the oatmeal and yogurt , mix all the ingredients well.

Step NO 3

So that the oats are not very noticeable, you can beat the dough a little to make it thinner.

Step NO 4

Put a non-stick pan over medium heat, add a few drops of oil and, with the help of a brush, spread the entire pan without excess oil.

Step NO 5

With a ladle add part of the mixture of the salty pancakes . Depending on whether you want it thinner or thicker, you can use more or less. Let the bottom part be done until you see that it is already done around the edges.

Salty Oatmeal Pancakes
Salty Oatmeal Pancakes Recipe

Step NO 6

Turn the pan over and let it finish cooking.

Step NO 7

Do the same with the rest of the dough, but always remember to add a little oil so that they do not stick. With this amount, about 2-3 fitness salty oatmeal pancakes come out , although it depends on the size of the pan.

Step NO 8

It only remains to accompany the salty oatmeal pancakes with what you like the most, in this case we have made them with ham and cheese . A good idea for dinner is to put the ham and cheese when we turn the pancake, so the ham will heat up and the cheese will melt. It is very good and it is a delicious dinner!

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Oat pancakes – suggestions and other recipes

These oatmeal pancakes are very easy to make, but if you want to make them in one batch and store for the rest of the week, you can keep them in the fridge wrapped in aluminum foil. Keep in mind that they cannot be frozen.

And if you have oatmeal left over and you lack ideas for other breakfasts or snacks, you can use it to prepare a delicious oatmeal porridge , accompanied by fresh fruits and nuts. Oatmeal is very healthy, as its richness in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals make it an excellent source of energy and antioxidants.

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