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How to make Roast Chicken Recipe in a Roasting Bag

If you do not have time to cook but you want to eat something rich and tasty, do not miss this recipe for roasted chicken in a roasting bag that our beloved Linilla-kitchen has shared this time from the Free Recipes app. These are delicious baked chicken thighs in a roasting bag thanks to the vegetables, potatoes and spices that accompany them. We encourage you to try them because they will pleasantly surprise you and in less than 1 hour they will be ready!

How to make Roast Chicken in a Roasting Bag:

We put the chicken and potatoes in the bag , add the spice envelope and move the bag until it is well impregnated.Then we put the onion and tomato and close the bag with its closure. It is put on a baking tray that is cold, but the oven heats up earlier.

Roast Chicken Recipe in a Roasting Bag
Roast Chicken Recipe in a Roasting Bag

Manchego cheese is made in less than 15 minutes, since it is only necessary to fill the meat, roll, grill in a covered pan, add the sauce, heat and serve. If you want to enjoy this delicious dish, read on and find out in Free Recipes.We put the chicken thighs in the oven in a roasting bag for 45 minutes . We will see that the bag is swelling.

Wait for the heat of the bagged chicken.

Roast Chicken Recipe in a Roasting Bag 2022
Roast Chicken Recipe in a Roasting Bag 2022

To go a bit to cut it and remove the roast . Serve the roast chicken in a freshly made roasting bag . You can take advantage of the on-fire oven to cook roasted vegetables with tomato and roasted pepper dressing or salad that will serve to perfectly accompany this chicken recipe. If you liked the recipe for Roast Chicken in a roasting bag ,

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