How to make Recipe of Chicken on the disc with beer

Chicken on the disc is one of those delicious traditional recipes that you should try at least once in your life if you are interested in Argentine cuisine or Gaucho cuisine. Many people prepare it with different sides and ingredients, but one of its most popular versions is this chicken disc with beer recipe .Disc chicken is traditionally made with a plow disc , which can be heated with gas, charcoal or firewood.

If you don’t have one of these records on hand, since they are native to Argentina, don’t worry. You can prepare it with a paella pan or a wok, let nothing stop you from enjoying the combination of flavors of this exquisite dish!

On this occasion, we have made the preparation with lager beer, but you can also substitute it and make disc chicken with black beer. It is true that the list of ingredients for chicken disc is a bit long, but the result will definitely be worth it, plus the steps are very simple. Stay with us and learn how to make chicken disc with beer in Free Recipes!

How to make Chicken on the Disc with Beer:

Ready to make your own beer-cooked chicken disc? First, pass the chicken pieces through the wheat flour, shaking off the excess. Oil the disk and fry the chicken pieces until golden brown, but still a little raw. Remove and preserve.Cook until the potatoes are done and add the peas at the last minute.

Recipe of Chicken on the disc with beer
Recipe of Chicken on the disc with beer

Get rid of any oil left on the plow disk (without scraping the bottom) and add new oil. Cut the onions into feathers and the peppers into julienne strips and sauté them.Once the onion and peppers are cooked, add the beer and scrape off the bottom left by the chicken. Lower the intensity of the fire so that the beer is not bitter. Later, add the chicken already golden, although still raw, as well as the potatoes cut into large cubes.

It’s ready! It only remains to serve and enjoy.

Recipe of Chicken on the disc with beer 2022
Recipe of Chicken on the disc with beer 2022

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