How to make recipe for sausage roll

Prepare something new and different with the usual ingredients and this recipe for chicken recipe for sausage roll .To prepare original and fun recipes, you don’t have to complicate your life. Recipes for children can be made in an attractive way so that the little ones are surprised and have fun eating. In addition, the recipes with sausages are one of the favorites of the children, since they have a delicious smoky flavor, which can be combined with almost any ingredient.

What we will do this time in is to use chicken and cheese to prepare a chicken stuffed with sausages , which you can cook directly in the oven or mark it a little in the pan before forming the recipe for sausage rolls, to take a little less time.

How to make Chicken recipe for sausage roll:

We gather all the ingredients to make the chicken recipe for sausage roll with sausages.We cut the sausages vertically and grill them until golden brown on both sides.On the other hand, we season the meat and place the cheese on each chicken breast fillet. If a slice is too big, we cut it in half.

Chicken rolls with sausage recipe
Chicken recipe for sausage roll with sausage recipe

Garnish with a little sweet mustard. On the other hand, we cut the sausages in half and place a piece on each breast fillet. We recipe for sausage roll the chicken rolls with sausages taking care that they do not open.We close the chicken rolls with sausage with a bamboo stick or toothpick, sprinkle with a little olive oil on top and put the rolls in the oven at 180ºC for 25-30 minutes .

These chicken sausage recipe for sausage roll can be served with mustard mashed potatoes

Chicken rolls with sausage recipe
Chicken rolls with sausage recipe

A perfect combination.Also, if you want to learn fun recipes for children, you can prepare the breaded chicken recipe sausage roll . We hope you like! And when you’ve tried the recipe, send us a photo of your chicken sausage recipe  sausage rolls .If you liked the recipe for Chicken Sausage Rolls , we suggest you enter our Chicken recipe for sausage roll  category .