Easy to make Recipe for garambullo flower pancakes

Garambullo flower pancakes are a traditional dish of the state of Hidalgo, especially in the Valle del Mezquital area, where these cacti abound that in spring season give us these small edible and nutritious flowers, and in summer season this same cactus He gives us some small strawberries with a thick puree inside them, with small seeds and a dark purple color, which are delicious and sweet. As we can see, this cactus is not infertile at all and since ancient times it has been able to feed these two products to our ancestors.

On this occasion in Guruwalik we bring for you an incredible recipe option that we can prepare with garambullo flowers, it is a recipe for Mexican pancakes which are prepared based on these ingredients that we just mentioned. It is a super easy, practical and delicious recipe, and it is also an excellent option for the Easter holidays when you do not eat meat.

Recipe for garambullo flower pancakes
Easy to make Recipe for garambullo flower pancakes

Stay with us and together let’s prepare step by step these delicious garambullo flower pancakes . An ancestrally Mexican recipe, which we assure you will love.

Ingredients for making garambullo flower pancakes:

  • 3 cups of fresh garambullo flower
  • 3 pieces of Egg
  • ½ piece of Onion
  • 1 clove garlic
  • ½ cup of Oil
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 pinch of Pepper

How to make garambullo flower pancakes:

Step NO 1

To begin we present the ingredients that we will need to prepare this delicious recipe for garambullo flower pancakes, do not miss any details.

Step NO 2

We started the recipe for Mexican pancakes perfectly washing our garambullo flowers. Once they have passed through the water jet, we are going to leave them for a couple of minutes to disinfect in the clean water. Once this time has passed, we drain the water and reserve a moment.

Step NO 3

Meanwhile we take the onion and chop it finely , as we can see in the following image, we also take the garlic clove, peel it completely and slice it in half.

Step NO 4

Now we add the onion to our clean garambullo flowers , and we also add the egg pieces and with the help of a fork we begin to mix everything, we add a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper.

Step NO 5

Now we put the oil to heat in a pan and once it is hot we add the two halves of garlic and let them brown for 1 minute. This will make the oil flavored with the garlic and our garambullo flower pancakes have a better flavor.

Recipe for garambullo flower
Recipe for garambullo flower

Step NO 6

Once the garlic is golden, we will form the Mexican pancakes : we take a large spoonful of our garambullo flower mixture and place it in the hot oil, let it brown first on one side, then turn it over and let it finish browning completely .

We repeat this step until we finish with our garambullo flower mixture.

Step NO 7

Once ready, we remove them from the oil and place them on absorbent paper to remove any excess fat that they may have. We serve the garambullo flower pancakes hot with our favorite sauce. Enjoy!

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