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Recipe For Flour Tortillas With Lard

Flour tortillas with lard are traditional Mexican cuisine. Making them at home is very simple and the result is incredible, so keep reading and discover in Guruwalik the step by step to prepare your own Mexican flour tortillas.

Ingredients to make flour tortillas with lard:

  • ½ kilogram of wheat flour
  • ⅓ tablespoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 150 grams of lard
  • 1 cup of hot water (or amount needed)
Recipe For Flour Tortillas With Lard
Recipe For Flour Tortillas With Lard

How to make flour tortillas with lard:

Step NO 1

To start preparing the lard tortillas, first mix the flour with the salt and baking powder and sift.

Step NO 2

Form a volcano with the previous mixture and place the lard in the central hole . Start mixing and when the dough requires it, add hot water little by little.

Step NO 3

It is advisable not to incorporate all the amount of water at once, since it is possible that the dough of the flour tortillas with lard needs less or more. The result should be a homogeneous and consistent dough.

Step NO 4

Divide the dough into smaller balls and flatten them with your hands. Place the balls on your worktable and cover them with a clean, slightly damp cloth. Let them rest for about half an hour.

Recipe For Flour Tortillas With Lard
Recipe For Flour Tortillas With Lard

Step NO 5

After the resting time, put the comal or a frying pan to heat . Meanwhile, roll out each ball with a rolling pin to form the flour tortillas.

Step NO 6

Cook the flour tortillas with lard one at a time. When you notice that air bubbles begin to form, turn it over and cook on the other side. In general, they usually take no more than 20-30 seconds to be done on each side, so watch out!

Step NO 7

Ready! Now you can enjoy your flour tortillas with lard . And if you don’t have ideas for making your tacos, here are some:

  • Refried bean tacos
  • Suadero tacos

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