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How to make Recipe for Baked Rabbit with vegetables

Rabbit is a very nutritious meat that does not contain any fat and can be prepared in many ways. Apart from the classic baked rabbit recipe , there are other variations such as the baked rabbit with vegetables , an easy preparation with which you will achieve a complete and delicious dish for the whole family.

How to make Baked Rabbit with vegetables:

To start preparing this baked dish, the first thing to do is season the rabbit pieces with garlic and parsley . Rub all over well and marinate for a few minutes so that the meat absorbs the flavor.After the minutes, pass the rabbit through flour and fry it in a pan with oil until the pieces are golden brown on all sides.

Recipe for Baked Rabbit with vegetables
Recipe for Baked Rabbit with vegetables

In addition, add oil to a baking sheet , enough to cover the bottom. Then evenly spread the rest of the ingredients, the onions, the carrot, the sliced ​​mushrooms and the tomato.Finally, place the pieces of rabbit that we browned previously. Dissolve the stock cube in the wine and a little water, then bathe the tray with this liquid.Finally, take it to the oven and cook at 180º for about 20 minutes . Open the oven from time to time and bathe the preparation in its own juice.

Serve the rabbit in the oven with vegetables.

Recipe for Baked Rabbit with vegetables 2022
Recipe for Baked Rabbit with vegetables 2022

The cooking time will depend on the power of the oven.Bathing it with a little sauce and enjoy it. You can accompany this dish with a simple white rice or some roasted potatoes . And don’t forget that you can find more recipes on my blog La Cocina de Juani .If you liked the recipe for Baked Rabbit with vegetables ,

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