How to make Rabbit recipe with nuts

If you want to get an exquisite rabbit with nuts in a finger-licking sauce and surprise all your family and friends at a special event, don’t miss this rabbit with nuts recipe that we propose this time in Free Recipes.

It is a very tasty and filling main dish that you can prepare if you have a little time to cook but do not think that you need a lot of ingredients because most of them surely you already have them on hand at home. Try this rabbit stewed with nuts and enjoy!

How to make Rabbit with nuts:

The first thing we have to do to prepare this rabbit with nuts in sauce is to season the rabbit and flour it .Then we cook the rabbit in a saucepan with the olive oil and the bay leaves.When the rabbit is sautéed, we add the wine and the vegetable broth , and let it cook for twenty minutes.

Rabbit recipe with nuts
Rabbit recipe with nuts

While we cook the rabbit, we fry the nuts with the bread slices with a little oil. After twenty minutes , we remove the stewed rabbit from the pot. And in the same pot we put the nuts and the chocolate . We also put a little of each species and cook the rabbit flock stewed with nuts for ten minutes. Next, we remove the garnish from the pot and crush it to obtain a bite or mash .

Then we put it back in the pot.

Rabbit recipe with nuts ​202
Rabbit recipe with nuts 2022

Add the rabbit and let it cook for another fifteen minutes. Finally, we serve the rabbit with nuts very hot and if you feel like it, we can accompany it with a few baked potatoes or white rice as a garnish. If you liked the Rabbit recipe with nuts ,

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