How to make Rabbit recipe stewed with cognac

Learn with to prepare a delicious rabbit stewed with a secret touch of alcohol. This dish made with cognac takes a while to prepare so that the meat absorbs a good flavor, but the result is worth it, so do not stop preparing the rabbit stewed in cognac because you will love it.

How to make Cognac Stewed Rabbit:

To start preparing the stewed rabbit recipe, the first thing we will do is clean the meat very well . Take advantage and chop to taste or order it directly like that at the butcher shop. Let it brown well, add the cognac and wait for the alcohol to evaporate .

Rabbit recipe stewed with cognac
Rabbit recipe stewed with cognac

Place the pieces in a casserole or directly in the pot where you are going to cook and marinate it with salt, garlic and bay leaf . We leave it like this all night, so that it can marinate and the meat takes on the flavor of the spices. The next day we dry it well with absorbent paper. Then, we pass the pieces of rabbit through a little flour . The idea is that they are well covered on all sides, as seen in the photo.

We put a frying pan on the fire with oil.

When it is hot, we add the pieces to fry them until they are well browned. We are taking them out one by one. Once everything is fried, pour the strained frying oil over the rabbit and add the chopped onion. 

Add a little water or broth and cover, lower the heat and let it cook very slowly; It has to cook for a long time to be well done, a little over an hour. We rectify salt. As it cooks if we see that it is necessary we add water or broth in small quantities.

We remove the pieces of rabbit.

Rabbit recipe stewed with cognac 2022
Rabbit recipe stewed with cognac 2022

And we pass the sauce through the masher, we put everything back in the pot and let it cook for another 15 minutes. To finish, we click it to check if it is well passed and once it is tender we remove it from the fire; if necessary we leave it a little longer.

And ready. Enjoy the rabbit stewed in cognac and serve with some bread or some roasted potatoes . If you liked the recipe for Rabbit stewed with cognac ,

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