How to make Quick and easy Steamed Chicken recipe

Don’t miss out on this quick and easy steamed chicken recipe that you can prepare by following the steps next to FreeRecipes. It is a steamed chicken breast with vegetables that will take just over 15 minutes to prepare, accompanied by a delicious garnish of sliced ​​tomato and avocado, but that you can modify perfectly to your liking. If you don’t know how to make this steamed chicken, check out the step by step and enjoy it!

How to make Steamed Chicken quick and easy:

First we add water to our pan and put it on the fire, when the water is very hot we add the onion and then the cut carrot, and at the end we put the cut pepper as well.

Quick and easy Steamed Chicken recipe
Quick and easy Steamed Chicken recipe

While our ingredients for the steamed chicken with vegetables are cooking we make slices of tomato and avocado into square pieces to accompany it.When we steam the chicken breast, we cover our pan and let it cook for 9 to 10 minutes , but the cooking time of the steamed chicken will depend on the texture of our bird (if it is larger or smaller).It’s time to eat! Once it is well cooked,

serve the freshly cooked steamed chicken with vegetables

Quick and easy Steamed Chicken recipe
Steamed Chicken recipe

accompanied by tomato and avocado, but you can also prepare a garnish of other vegetables, or white rice or baked potatoes with rosemary for example.If you liked the quick and easy Steamed Chicken recipe ,

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