Easy to make Quick and easy Paraguayan Tortilla recipe

Learn how to prepare Paraguayan tortilla easily and quickly by following instructions in this homemade Paraguayan tortilla recipe that we teach you in Free Guruwalik Recipes. It is a Paraguayan fried omelette that has grated carrots and the cheese that you like most, which makes it absolutely tasty.

If you do not know how this Paraguayan tortilla with cheese is, sign up these steps and you will see how simple they are. tortilla from Paraguay never fails!

Paraguayan Tortilla recipe
Paraguayan Tortilla recipe

Ingredients to make easy and fast Paraguayan Tortilla:

300 grams of flour
3 eggs
200 ml milk
200 grams of cheese (one of your preference)
1 carrot
Salt to taste

How to make Paraguayan Tortilla easy and fast:

Step  NO 1

Grate carrot with a grater, beat eggs and mix them with the carrot, then add milk, flour, cheese, and add salt to taste. Beat well until a mixture is somewhat liquid and not so thick for the Paraguayan tortilla with cheese.

Step  NO 2

Heat a frying pan with plenty of oil, but don’t let oil get too hot because otherwise Paraguayan fried tortilla will burn on the outside and inside it will be raw, so you have to keep oil at a medium temperature.

Step NO 3

Add a thin layer of homemade Paraguayan tortilla dough to desired size with help of a ladle of broth , let it brown on one side and then turn it over to brown as well.

Paraguayan Tortilla
Easy to make Quick and easy Paraguayan Tortilla recipe

Step  NO 4

Serve Paraguayan tortilla easy and quick to make with other typical dishes of this country such as  Paraguayan chipas or Paraguayan soup .

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