How to make Quail recipe with rum

All for the moment you “just threw something together” – Molasses and Black Pepper Quail with Rum, Honey and Grape Reduction is a surprisingly simple, surefire

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How to make Quail in rum:

Heat the oil well and brown the bacon in small strips.Remove the bacon and brown the livers in the same fat.Remove them and do the same with the whole onions until they have taken color.

Quail recipe with rum
Quail recipe with rum 2022

Fill the quail with an onion and a quarter of a liver.Return the stuffed quails to the saucepan and over a high heat, season and brown them.Sprinkle them with the rum, flambé, add the broth with the diluted cornstarch.Finish cooking them over a very low heat.If you liked the recipe for Quail with rum , we suggest you enter our category of Quail Recipes .