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How to make Quail recipe in hunter sauce

If you wonder what will be a good sauce for quail , the hunting sauce that we offer you in this easy recipe with quail is simply perfect. It is a recipe for quail stewed with a mixture of herbs that will enhance the characteristic flavor of this game bird.Carefully follow the step-by-step instructions shared by our friends at Sabor en Cristal and become a true chef with this quail hunter recipe . Although the presentation of this recipe makes you think that it is a complicated preparation, quail in hunter sauce is much easier than you think. Take a look at the recipe and start cooking this delicacy right away.

How to make quail in hunter sauce:

To make our hunter stewed quail, start by gathering all the ingredients in the kitchen. Keep in mind that cava is quite similar to champagne and that if you don’t have it, you can substitute white wine without problems.Clean the quail well, cover them with flour passing them through a plate with flour and fill well with the spice mixture .

Quail recipe in hunter sauce
Quail recipe in hunter sauce

First, combine all the herbs with the peppercorns in a bowl to ensure that the filling is well mixed.Melt the butter in a saucepan and place the quail. Seal over medium-high heat until the stuffed quail are golden brown all over.

Add the rest of the leftover herbs to the casserole.

Then add the chicken broth along with the cava or wine, ensuring that everything is well covered. Continue simmering for 45-50 minutes.After this time, when the quails are done, we remove them from the pot and reserve them separately. We continue to reduce the sauce for about 30-40 until it thickens to our liking.At the time of serving, place the stewed quail on the plate, bathe with a good spoonful of hunting sauce and add a few strips of lemon peel.

Quail Chasseur is a dish

Quail recipe in hunter sauce 2022
Quail recipe in hunter sauce 2022

Taste great can not stop trying, it’s a quick and easy recipe for a special occasion. From RecetasGratis we recommend you accompany this quail recipe with a curried carrot puree or some baked sweet potato sticks .If you liked the recipe for Quail in hunter sauce , we suggest you enter our category of Quail Recipes .

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