Presumptuous bitch New Top Moral Stories {2021}

A little fox decided to explore the jungle in which she lived. He left his house and started walking. By the edge of the pond he heard a large toad say: “Precious.” The animal was referring to the bright morning, but the fox thought that the compliment was directed at her. Happy, she continued on her way. At one point, he heard the voice of the elephant through the leaves saying, “You are truly beautiful!”

The pachyderm spoke to his wife, the pink elephant, but the little fox did not see her and therefore did not doubt, not even for a moment, that this compliment was directed at her. Increasingly conceited by those compliments, she continued on her way with her head held high. After a short time, from under the ground, a voice rose: “You are magnificent, but for me truly unattainable!” It was the old mole who was speaking and the object of his admiration was the splendid eagle that he, from his intricate tunnels that he dug underground, managed to glimpse very badly in the sky. The little fox did not understand who the mole was referring to and was therefore convinced that his words were also addressed to her. Increasingly smug, she continued on her way, when she ran into the ferocious lion, who, after looking at her, said:

The presumptuous bitch 2021
The presumptuous bitch 2021

“You are truly a lucky creature. The stars watch over you. I just had a feast and I’m not hungry. Therefore, I spare your life. Run, go, before I regret it! ”. Then the little vixen literally exploded with pride. She felt like a special creature: extraordinarily beautiful, as well as kissed by fortune. He stood in front of a stream to gaze at his reflection in the water and calmly savor his triumphs. However, a pike stuck its head out of the water and said:
You are horrible and very ugly! ”.

The little vixen looked at him with contempt and immediately thought that the pike’s unflattering comment was due to great envy. Therefore, she felt even more beautiful and walked away with an air, if possible, more arrogant.