Easy to Make Potato Toña Recipe

Ingredients to make Toña de Patatas:

  • 12 whole eggs
  • 750 gr. sugar
  • 324 cl. 0.4º olive oil
  • 1 lemon grated
  • 1 kg. potato boiled and passed through the food processor
  • 250 gr. fresh yeast
  • 1,750 kg. strength flour
  • Egg yolk mixed with milk
  • Sugar

    Potato Toña Recipe
    Easy to Make Potato Toña Recipe

How to make Potato Toña:

Step NO 1

We gather all the ingredients in the bowl of the mixer and work constantly until we get a strong and smooth dough.

Step NO 2

Cut the pieces of the desired size, plate and let rest, covering with a cloth until it rises in volume.

Step NO 3

Of the great ones, at 150º for 25 minutes. Of the small ones, at 150º for 17 minutes.

Step NO 4

We take out 3 minutes before the end of cooking and, we paint with egg yolk and milk.

Potato Toña Recip
Potato Toña Recip

Step NO 5

Sprinkle with sugar and return to the oven to finish cooking. If you liked the Toña de Patatas recipe , we suggest you enter our Tortilla Recipes category .